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    What does Bluetooth do?

    Well! I haven't gone for a long bike ride using Strava on my e-bike in a while and lo and behold, Strava discontinued the ability to pair sensors with the app back in October. WTH? Why on earth do they think that is a good idea...
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    What does Bluetooth do?

    As far as I can tell, that's only if you have modules to alter the speed. We were talking about bluetooth for the bike, not bluetooth for some third party item.
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    What does Bluetooth do?

    Sorry to have missed this. I’ll have to investigate.
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    Pannier bags for Yamaha rack?

    I wound up getting larger sized Brooks bags a couple of weeks ago. Should have mentioned it. They’re pretty nice. I can carry at least 6 wine bottles or two six packs in each. Wondering what the Rackmate snap on adapter might be useful for.
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    Yamaha Wabash Gravel eBike - [Video]

    It’s a great bike. I have a hybrid with a suspension seat post and a high end Trek Domane with a front stem suspension. It is much more stable and comfortable than either. Just a fantastic bike. And then there’s the e-bike side!
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    Pretty Good Headlight

    I just put my 800 Lumen Cygolite on my Wabash. It’s a nice improve mental.
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    Top speed on the flat Yamaha Cross (Core or Connect)?

    I have a Wabash and have exactly the same experience. When it cuts out, its fine. The only time its weird is when I have the bike in high mode, am heading downhill, and want to speed up to match traffic. While I’ll be able to increase speed, I’ll have a little plateau at 20. Generally if I hit...
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    Rear light for dense city traffic

    So I bought two Garmin Varias. One for my ebike, along with the tiny heads up display and one for my road bike for my Wahoo Roam. I love them!
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    Handlebar bags for Yamaha/relocating light?

    In hopes of getting some response from someone else who has done this, has anyone found an adequate solution to handlebar bags on the Yamaha ebikes? I have a Wabash and the light is right where I’d hang a handlebar bag. Maybe the light can be moved? Or maybe there is a bag that will work with...
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    Rear light for dense city traffic

    How have you found the detection? I’m thinking of picking one up myself too.
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    Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

    Was mowing lawn with the Ryobi today. Remembered why I switched from a human-powered reel mower. The Ryobi mulches leaves! The human powered reel mower did not.
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    Hello from Montclair, NJ

    I’ll have to take some photos and I’ve just starting using the bike so I don’t know about range. As for Strava KOMs, only total jerks would use an ebike to bag Strava segments.
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    Hello from Montclair, NJ

    Hi everyone! I’ve already posted to this board asking for advice about a bike, but now that I have one, I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m the very happy new owner of a Yamaha Wabash. I love my Wabash because it feels like a bike, just a bike ride by someone with bionic legs. I have a Domane...
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    What does Bluetooth do?

    I tried it with Strava today. I set Bluetooth to CPP (Cycling Power Profile). Although Strava didn’t say it “saw” the sensor and there was no indication on the main e-bike activity screen, when I stopped the ride it appears that my power was recorded. Not a reason to buy the bike but a nice...
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    Yamaha Urban Rush or BH Atom Diamond Wave Pro

    A final update to this saga. I was getting bad vibes from the local bike store. The owner isn’t in half the time, nobody else really knows what’s going on. Nobody answers the phones 90% of the time and they say email is low priority. I got the distinct feeling they didn’t want to sell the bike...