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    Cheap bikestand solution

    I use a couple of tie downs. hook to each end of the bike and the other ends to my garage door track. I you use ratchet straps just lift it up. The other type lift the bike while tightening the strap.
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    Losing Tire Pressure

    I use Stans sealant, tires never lose air.
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    Programming the controller of a recent rad bike

    I was looking for a way to narrow the gap of watts between p2 and p3. Other wise I’m happy with the stock performance.
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    Bike mirror recommendation

    There as adjustable as any other mirrors I’ve had.
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    Bike mirror recommendation

    They are from Amazon. there all aluminum. Two mirrors $20. Broke 2 Hafney, plastic, in just a couple of months. Mounted mine upside down. Might put them upright after using them awhile
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    Radrover.. Canada 500W Vs USA 750W Geared Motor.

    Not about the OP but what year is that BSA you have there. I bought a new 68 650 lighting and it reminds me of it, same color. Too bad I wrapped it around a tree and it was sent to the junk yard. Sure did like that bike
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    Known Issues & Problems with Rad Power Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Thanks for the heads up about those cheap posts. I’ve got one and I sometimes worry about it. Im at 230 and I worry about the screw in seat spring plug. Keep waiting for it to pop out.
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    2019 Rad Rover fenders

    I have the fenders on my 2018 Rad. They went on in just a few minutes. They are quality fenders and sturdier than I see with after markets. I can’t see why the 2019 would be much different.
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    Radrover fenders are in!

    I ordered them when I ordered the bike. No shipping charge. But, they had em stock. Darn good fenders! Worth the money over the skimpy $20 after market fenders.
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    ebike insurance

    Put that $25-$30 in a jar every month and “if” someone steals it you will most likely have enough money to pay the deductible or buy a new bike. Odds are good enough against some one steeling it you’ll end up with a bunch money to buy a new bike when yours wears out.
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    Radcity direct drive

    Regenerative braking on the City. My dad swears it goes further than his prior 3 ebikes because of that. I’m not too sure about that though.
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    ebike insurance

    State Farm here. Just asked that question when I was in talking with the agent. Bike goes on the home owners policy, liability and loss. $1000 deductible on loss. They didn’t recommend turning it in for a $1600 Bike alone, but would be helpful to turn it in on a major loss. Liability is covered...
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    The last ebike manufacturing challenge

    My RadRover tires sound like a pickup on dry pavement with snow tires. People turn and look even if I’m dead heading down a hill. I consider it a safety feature.
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    Step over or step through for men?

    My 95 year old dad bought a Rad City step through. He still throws his leg over it. Old habits are hard to break.
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    Denver Parks seeks rule making for "e-devices"

    Well the present governor is against any thing fossil fuel. One would think electric bikes would be ok. Frankly I think they want a ban on certain types of people. By the way Denver and Boulder are IN Colorado and there is were most of COLORADO Is.