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    CCX 52V-19.2Ah BATTERY "Guard Voltage" & Other ANOMALIES"

    I don't believe they are fooling the charger in anyway. They either just have the BMS set to cut the charging before 58.8V or their BMS has a xV drop between input and output due to the design. This is pretty standard for inline circuits and could be be related to reverse polarity protection...
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    Anyone have a FREY EX?

    If only there was a cost effective way to get the Innotrace controller direct from Frey on this bike.
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    My RipCurrent controller display keeps resetting to default settings

    Did you hear back from them yet?
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    CCX 52V-19.2Ah BATTERY "Guard Voltage" & Other ANOMALIES"

    Just to clarify a couple of points in your communication, the BMS of course can be configured to balance at any voltage, also in general their last bit of advice to leave the charger connected after the light goes green is generally good advice for many BMSs. However; depending on how far the...
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    My battery is stuck won't disconnect!

    That's a good solution too, i use rubber strapes that i can get very tight.
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    My battery is stuck won't disconnect!

    You might want to use an extra strap to secure the battery as preventive maintenance. They apparently made some quality and tolerance improvement on some bikes, but I would not risk it. I have an RCS, the seat tube shim is so cheesy. The bike is a great bike though, so I put up with the...
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    My battery is stuck won't disconnect!

    So great you had a local guy who could work on your bike. Glad that you got it going again. If you secure the battery with a strap of some sort you almost certainly won't need those other two sets of connectors. :) So much for Tora's proclamation on improving customer support. He's failed in...
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    Carrying a second battery on the Pace 500

    You can carry a battery in a pannier as long as they are compatible size, as battery sizes and panniers can vary a lot. The think to look out for is that batteries are quite heavy and if you are on trails and they bounce around a bit it can really put a strain on the bag, so make sure it is a...
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    espin Flow?

    Jerky... that sounds like bike salesman talk trying to sell a mid-drive.
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    eBike Robberies and security Problems

    Just want to update, that I am still waiting. ... :( The company responds and basically keeps saying next month. So right now I cannot recommend this brand.
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    Rear hub vs mid drive

    You don't say what the elevation was over that distance, so no one can really get a sense of what kind of hill you are talking about. The steeper inclines is where the hub motor will suffer on most bikes. For real mountain biking the mid drive is still preferable in most cases. There are...
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    10 FASTEST ELECTRIC BIKES In The World (January 2020)

    Sorry if this has been posted too many times already.
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    Espin Nero

    If you go out on a family bike ride you'll be a traveling value e-bike show. You are bound to get "a lot" of question. Looking forward to some long term reports on these.
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    SONDORS is releasing it's first mid-drive EBikes.

    Marketing you know... he did seem sure on why the price will be... Just saying if the price moves to far then they don't have the same appeal. "buy the lower line of bikes if you want a bike more inline with your budget." I don't think you know my budget, it is well beyond what Sonders is...
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    My battery is stuck won't disconnect!

    I just use one close to the top end near the connector. I think i use a 14” 50lb tie. i think i posted a pic on here somewhere :)