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    Future of E-MTB - discussion with product managers of top companies

    My LBS had both a Turbo Levo SL Comp and Turbo Levo Comp in stock when I made my purchase. I test rode both. Both are sweet bikes. I went with the Levo Comp which was approximately 10 lbs. heavier (49 lbs. total). The Levo Comp offered the 2.1 Brose S motor versus the 1.1 Brose S (SL model) and...
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    increase speed on rad runner, with rad rhino control screen

    When I got my Rad Rover a couple years ago there was an adjustment that could be made on the current screen to increase the speed. It work for me. You might want to do a search on the forum to retrieve that information.
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    Just purchased my first factory ebike

    One of my ebikes is a Rad. It's beeb problem free. Enjoy the ride!
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    Hello EB Riders

    Welcome to the forum. Happy holidays!
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    Hello from northern Ca.

    Fat bikes are a lot of fun! Congrats on your purchase.
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    Juiced CrossCurrent X

    Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your ride!
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    Townie go7d hello

    Welcome to the forum.
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    New e-bike owner from Austin

    Nice bike! Welcome to the forum. You'll soon be happy you have the 29'ers.
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    Please help me chose a ebike Fat rearHub on trail snow or mid drive?

    I have two mid drives (road and mountain bike) and a hub drive (fat tire). If I were going to do the fat bike again, I would have gotten it fitted with a mid drive. Mid drives are better for trail and torque.
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    Hi from Grass Valley Ca.!

    Welcome to the forum. Fat bikes are fun!
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    Switched to an e-bike. It took me too long to smarten up.

    My solution to the old leg swing issue was to buy a bike with a dropper post. Thank God for bike technology!
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    New e-bike owner from Austin

    Welcome to the forum. I often ride in the Hill Country. Lots a great places to ride.
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    Welcome. Rode in the mid 60's in Fredericksburg today. Great weather!
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    Riding my Levo Comp

    A fun day on the my Levo Comp. One of the local rides in the Hill Country (Texas). A 14 mile fun single track.
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    Hello, new member of the EBR forum.

    Welcome to the forum.