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    Hub motor gear replacement source

    Hello! I partially melted/broke these three smaller gears in my Bafang RM G360.500.DC hub motor circled in orange. I’m wondering if anyone has a source on replacements as I’ve been unable to! Thanks!
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    Evelo Delta!

    Yep! Renters insurance paid out the full value minus my deductible, but I ended up purchasing a Surface 604 Shred as it had a larger battery. I camp a lot and the extra capacity is very useful. I’d say the Delta was a slightly better overall bike mostly due to the RockShox fork vs the Suntour on...
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    Evelo Delta!

    I prefer riding without a suspension post off road as I’m usually doing MTB s*it where I prefer to have a dropper instead. For commuting I always run that suntour post with the Schwalbe Marathons. No issues at all besides the fact that it got stolen. In the almost year I owned it I rode it...
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    Evelo Delta!

    Well if you’re looking for a 30mph+ bike you’d likely need a much larger front sprocket than what the Evelo frame can fit. Likely a 56T. If you found measurements I could see if that’d fit the frame, but I haven’t looked in to larger sprockets as they’re not very useful for me personally. Also...
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    Evelo Delta!

    You can manually unlock the speed limit yourself and the controller is programmable if you buy the dongle and read up on Bafang settings/limitations (you’ll likely void your warranty though!). The NuVinci is fantastic at all speeds. I got a smaller front sprocket as I do a lot of MTB and off...
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    accessory to help fix a rear flat in the field.

    Someone make a quick release for the damn power cable that runs to the rear wheel, that would be far more helpful as this bike really should have shipped with one.
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    Evelo Delta!

    400mile update: biked to work today in the ice and snow we got here in Portland. Schwalbe Marathons have been fantastic and the Nobby Nics have been awesome for actual mtb stuff. I swapped out my 48T front chainring for a Lekkie 46T for a little extra torque for the hills (and it's lighter than...
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    Full suspension Ultra bike!

    Awesome! This may or may not be my third e bike. I love my Evelo Delta with 27.5 3" plus size tires for mtb and this looks like a fantastic competitor!
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    Looking for a hill climber

    Get a mid drive bike. I picked up an open box Evelo Delta for ~$3k that is fantastic. I can't 100% recommend a Juiced bike as I have their Hyper Fat bike and while it has plenty of torque, a mid drive will still have more and there are lots of other issues with Juiced as well (support being the...
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    HyperFat Accessories, Add-ons, Changes and Feedback

    52T is gigantic. I'm running a 42T Lekkie on my Evelo Delta with a NuVinci N380 in the rear and it will climb 45 degree inclines no problem. I'd definitely run a smaller front chainring if you're wanting to do real mtb stuff, just know that you'll likely spin out at higher speeds. Not sure if...
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    Powerful Fat Tire E-bike w/ Torque sensor from Juiced Bikes

    I’ll take photos in a bit, but it definitely isn’t 1/16”. Wish it was though! Yeah it seems just plain idiotic to not have one being as every other bike out there has one. My Evelo Delta has a more complicated process for the rear wheel compared to other bikes like my old Sondors as the Evelo...
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    Powerful Fat Tire E-bike w/ Torque sensor from Juiced Bikes

    Well at least we're not alone
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    Powerful Fat Tire E-bike w/ Torque sensor from Juiced Bikes

    Finally got my bike earlier this afternoon. Happy to say the important things work! Only issues so far is that there is a little bit of play (1/2" of movement) in the battery lockup (not sure if this is intentional or not, doesn't seem to effect the bike working). Also, the front light will...
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    Evelo Delta!

    Just chiming in with an update on the Evelo Delta. It has surpassed my expectations in this crappy, typical Portland fall weather! Zero electrical issues (I did have a few in the rain with my Sondors) throughout the few hundred miles I've put on it commuting here. This is an amazing bike and...