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    Who is , or will be , the Dell of ebikes ?

    I'm sure there are a few million Europeans who would disagree with that statement. Starting with me. As far as I can see the USA is far more interested in nostalgia than passion where motor vehicles are concerned. Luckily we are pretty passionate about cycling too.
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    Tickets when using bike rack

    I wouldn't risk driving without the licence plate and lights being visible. Why invite trouble and fines? Luckily my carrier has a built in lightboard do it's never a problem.
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    Buying a Bike

    It depends on the store. I ordered my e-bike. No deposit. The shop owner delivered it to my home. I cycled into the shop to pay two days later. Probably not typical but great customer service.
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    Moving to London- Bike Help!

    Use a Boris bike. No need to worry about where you leave it or it getting stolen. My son is currently at Westminster University. He is a very keen cyclist but never cycles in London. He foes use a folding scooter quite a bit though!
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    Wearing mouthguards while riding bike

    I have broken my teeth many times playing rugby, once playing hockey, once windsurfing and once when I was punched in the face. I have cycled on and off road all my life. I have never hurt my teeth cycling. I really don't think that a mouth guard is necessary for a cyclist in most situations.
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    Newbie Question

    I own a Bosch engined bike and can honestly say that I've never wished that it had a throttle. The drive system allows you to maximise the drive if riding in a suit and tie is your thing or just to make good assisted progress in the way that all bicycles, electric or not are designed to do...
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    Radwagon first impressions

    The radwagon looks to be a strange choice for somebody who wants a commuter bike that will fit in a lift. What influenced your choice?
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    Bosch Engine Noise

    Interesting, I use tour and eco equally, sport rarely and turbo once in a blue moon. I wonder if it's to do with the different terrain we cover.
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    Bosch Engine Noise

    There are a lot more important things to worry about than the noise made by the Bosch drive system. It has an electric motor and it makes the sound an electric motor makes. In comparison my food mixer, my electric tooth brush, my fan heater and the self steering on my sailing boat are all louder...
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    Bosch Ebike Battery Guide

    Really interesting and useful. Thanks.
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    Selling E-Bike Tuning Kits; Implications & Legalities

    Anyone in the U.K. can use a more powerful e-bike but as well as using all that speed they have to man up to the responsibilities regarding registration, insurance, safety equipment etc. You may be a cell centered hard man who needs the adrenaline rush of tweaking a push bike with an electric...
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    Selling E-Bike Tuning Kits; Implications & Legalities

    It's not a waste of resources, its to crack down on lawbreakers.
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    What speed should the bosch stop assisting?

    I think that you are splitting hairs. Why stress over such a small margin. I bet the odometer in your car/truck/mini-van is far less accurate and you live with that.
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    Is riding an ebike like a regular bike a lot harder with ebikes being heavier?

    My answer is no. My Scott e-bike is more efficient on the road than either my Giant or Cannondale mountain bikes. Off-road is different but I use the e-bike as an on-road tourer, it's easy to pedal without assistance and in the whole scheme of things the extra weight is insignificant.