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  • Mr. Administrator I mistakenly posted up a thread on Wattwagon section titled "Fatbike Parts" would you please delete. Thanks Mike
    Greetings Court.....I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the site and for the YouTube videos. Because of your reviews, I purchased a Roam E+ GTS and a Vado SL 4.0. Both great bikes. I sold the 4 manual bikes I owned, just to transition to full electric. Never going back. Take care.
    Hello Court, 1.
    what 2x E-bikes are you using as your favorite ?
    2. what 3x best Carbon Gate Belt drive E-bikes do you suggest below $3K for riding on paths and touring ?

    I hope you can help please
    you can leave me an email it will help
    You should use the review videos to be informed of what you are seeking
    Thanks Baxterblack, I have spent some time reviewing videos yes agreed. But I wanted to know Courts specific favs hence why I sent this msg to him. i am trubled with ebikes so many to choose from lol.. i now know i want a carbon gates belt drive evno sys, with 120plus neuton, all for less then 3 K so maybe he knows something more than I have searched for.

    thanks for your reply I continue to search over the web.
    After seeing the reviews keep in mind that any bike can be made electric. And that any bike can get a belt drive installed. See here:

    Internally Geared Belt Drives, Conversions​

    Hi Court, What brand of glasses (white) are you wearing in your reviews? Thank you, SinQ
    Hello Court. I wanted to give a shout out to you and Electric Bike Reviews for all the great research. Just purchased a DOST KOPE last night. I have been researching electric bikes for the last year since I first tried an electric bike. It made me feel like a kid again. I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed EBR and your reviews. Thank you so much for helping me find the right ebike.
    Hey @byunbee, the majority of my reviews are actually not paid. All before 2017 were done free of charge, and I currently do about 50% free based on interest from the community or my own feelings that a bike is important.
    @byunbee In the future, I hope to get back to 100% free, but use money as way to grow my team and do programming stuff on the site. There's more demand than I have time for, so it's also a way to justify a bike being chosen when choosing between many ;)
    @Tom J Thank you so much for the update and support! I hope you enjoy it, that's an awesome product for sure and I'd love to hear how it performs for you :D
    Hello Court. I just joined the forum a couple of days ago and posted a thread in the General section..."MotoTec Electric Trike." Everything went well except I can't seem to bold the typeface on the forum thread title screen. Can you help me? Thanks a million!
    Late reply here... sorry @Knight Rider, we've been updating the tools here a bit over the past year and there should be a "B" icon in the little editor toolbar. If you select text and then click the B, it should bold ;)
    Hey Court. Can you please delete the For Sale thread for my Bulls 2019 Urban Evo with the reply - "please delete thread" as I had to make changes and didn't know what to do. I'm a novice.
    Hey @Ryan Iowa, sorry it took me a while to respond. I just deleted your two for sale threads. Hope you're doing well!
    HI Court - a thread I posted about BTN's policies and handling of my situation was deleted. I was told to take it up with you if I didn't agree. And I don't lol
    Bell Electric Bikes
    Hi Court, love your reviews. I just saw a bike that looks like my dream e-bike upgrade. Can you review the Priority Embark e-bike? Also I believe there was an e-bike made in hungary called the Gepida that also used a belt drive and the CVT, that one supposedly had an electronic CVT that was an automatic transmission. I just think it would be interesting to see a review of an e-bike with a belt drive and the CVT.
    Do you know the breakdown of what % of E-bikes sold are hub motor vs. mid drive? And/or what % of E-bikes sold are mountain bikes vs city bikes?
    Hi Court, love your reviews. In your opinion if you could have the Trek Cross Rip Plus or the Giant Road E for your personal e road type bike which would you rather own and why? I am have a challenge deciding on which to buy as I am still not sure about the Yamaha motor although it is quieter and more torque. Thanks, Dave
    Hi Cort - John here, Vail CO - I'm new to Ebikes, but having tried out a few, I think there's one in my future! I'm interested in a Velec , but, sadly, missing in your very informative reviews one of a bike of that brand. I'm sure you've heard it before, but your site it invalueable to ebike newbies. Thanks.
    Hi Court,

    I am just wondering if you have ever reviewed or ridden a Qwic Performance MR380 ebike?

    I would love to get some feedback on it?


    Court, I noted that in your Cube Reaction review regarding the readouts on the Bosch Purion computer that you included Max Speed, Average Speed, Trip Time. Bosch, for some reason, dropped those on the Purion whereas they are on the Intuvia.
    Idea for a video: after my first off-road ride the bike needed a bath, but wasn't sure about this. It didn't seem like I should leave the power pack installed (water + lithium = bad) but I also didn't want to get the connector wet. (Bosch connector is exposed metal.) I decided to tape a cloth over it, but I'd be interested in hearing what Bosch etc. have to say about this.
    Hey @Court, love the site! Thanks for everything you do. You helped me decide to purchase a Voltbike Yukon 750 Ltd. I made a few mods that can be found in post #114130. If you are ever in the Bay Area & want to check it out for a customized review segment, let me know. With the CA3 display & new Phaserunner, your take on the performance would be awesome. Coastal trails + beaches = Amazing fun!
    -Jarius, Santa Clara CA
    "Watched Forum" I can see where "Watched Forum" is but I have been unable to determine how to sign-up to watch a forum. Any advice?
    Thank you
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