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  • Hey Court, so I wrote my first review of the Juiced Crosscurrent yesterday right before the forum went down and now it's gone! Any way to retrieve it?
    This new ebike store just opened called Genze in Portland Oregon if you come to the Northwest come check out Genze
    Im looking for an ebike $3k-$4k
    I'm disabled and need 1 with a throttle able to do at least 28mph
    being slowed down at 20! NO!
    Can you email me a few ideas?
    I found a New 2015 full seven haibike for $3k & Evo 27.5 jumper for $3,500
    Both slow @ 20
    Hey @RRDenver do you live in Colorado?! I have family there, beautiful state. Anyway, I've categorized all of the bikes that can go ~28 mph in this category of the site: but very few have throttles. Maybe just the SmartMotion Pacer and Catalyst?
    What you're describing is more like an electric motorcycle or moped and I have covered a few of those in another category here: you could get one of the Bafang kits and make one of possibly buy a pre-converted bike from E-Rad which does all kinds of cool stuff. Be safe out there!
    I saw it online at M2S right now they have all electric bikes. I think they just started selling the bikes a few months ago. Do you think it is legit?
    It looks like you're in orange county. I would love to know of any groups that ride there a bikes locally. I just bought a specialized turbo Levo and I'm looking to buy another bike for my friend.
    Hey Court, just joined your community and has used this great site to help me with my foray into the world of electric bikes recently with a Sondors thin ebike. Now I am itching for my next move up and would be interested in seeing a review of the KALKHOFF INTEGRALE 8 LTD models, any plans to test one in the near future? Thanks and keep up the great work!!
    hey court, its cody from YouTube, decided i would join the EbikeReview community, I just made a psot about my custom made bike over on the custom builds sub-catagory. Hope you like my bike it's also my avatar
    Mark Elford2 days ago (edited)
    Court, when you plug the charger into battery first you get a rush of current through the bms backwards..energize charger first by plugging it in..then plug in battery- there is a inrush limiter- iirc and gets rid of the pop or spark when plugging in the battery.
    Court, I'm buying a Trek XM700+ with the Bosch mid-drive motor. I'm trying to find out if a 160mm oi 165mm splined mtn bike crank will fit. No one seems to know.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.
    Hi - Super newb question but I posted a thread and have since sold the bike, is there any way to delete my thread? I've edited the title to "Please disregard or delete"... Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
    Tara D.
    Tara D.
    There is not a way to do that on your end David, but I see your post and have taken care of it for you. Congrats on selling your bike!
    Hi Court,
    I was looking for a review on ZEV harpie or ZEV valkyrie e-bikes. Their website says that ZEV has been around for a long time and that their e-bikes are very similar to stromer st2 only much less money. Have you considered doing a review on ZEV bikes?
    First I'd like to thank you for what you've created...this website is superb.
    Second...I started with a question about the Kalkhoff S11 in the Q&A section that now belongs in the Kalkhoff forum... How can it be moved? Does that require an administrator?
    Ann M.
    Ann M.
    All done, @Fig! Thanks for the kind words; we moved your post. Ann M.
    Hello friend my name is Álvaro Velilla, im from Colombia. I have the ebike a2b metro, And need the charger cheap....please help me ... My friend this is my email
    Thank you for your passion for and obvious interest in sharing. I've jumped into the e bike world based on your review of the Voltbike. The ability to travel with my daughter, ( not yet 5) on bike trails is priceless.
    Hi Court . I posted a while back and my have missed your response.
    I would like to invite you to check out our new line of electric bikes.
    You can see them @ . You are also invited to test any or all models.
    I can deliver them to your favorite testing grounds if you are interested.
    Thanks Court
    Hi court.
    I am introducing a new brand of electric bike to the market. Based in Huntington Beach, I'm focusing on style, yet with the same level of quality, power and functionality as the competition. If you'd like I will post a link to my site so you can take a quick look at the line.
    Wanted to tell you what a great job you do and how lucky the industry is to have you. I bought a st1 step thru 18 months ago based a lot on your site and opinion of stromer. Recently bought st2 step thru and I am pleased with it.
    And bought your book a week ago- honestly thought it was great. Thanks, Barry Golden
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