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  • Hi Court,
    Can you pls give me your recommendation on full size ebike to buy? My requirement is something that would go around 25mph+ with pedal assist - price range $2k-$3k used only on paved bike path. Bikes like Volton 500, Evo Cross, Evo 27.5
    Any advice would be much appreciated.
    I can also wait upto 6 months+ if there is something good as 2016 model
    You've created quite the community Court, and I am really enjoying your videos/posts. Keep up the great work, and I will talk to you more soon!
    My selections are down to: Alation 500 or 350 middrive (but read complaints posted), Pedego City Commuter, Izip E3 Path+ or Zuma, Genesis Rv5. Any suggestions, as I would value your opinion.

    Thanks so much for what you do, hopefully a nice source of income with advertisers and click-throughs. I have learned a great deal with the info you've provided.
    Court, 2 wks I've seen virtually all your reviews!, narrowed choice for my first ebike. Thinking hubdrive til I saw interview w/J Turner, now thinking middrive. 4m commute (at most bit of 4% grade), also paved bikepaths around Boston (steepest just 150-175ft 6-7% grade). Probably overthinking mashing, doesn't occur w/throttle?, and as long as in low gear before hill, shouldn't be problem? (continued...)
    I am considering my first ebike I am currently torn between 2 different ideas. On the one hand I could buy a brand new eZip Trailz from an online vendor for $323.00 plus shipping. While I believe this bike would likely meet my needs, I test rode an E-Joe Epik SE tonight and loved it. The Ejoe is literally 5 times the price. Is it worth the extra money or is the deal on the Trailz too good to pass up?
    I am looking at an ebike that is for sale at a local bike store. It uses a 36 volt Bionx system - it is was used for the occasional test drive and that the battery has been charged once a year. Won't the battery 'die young' because, basically it is already over 2 years old and was not charged at least once a month?
    Court, I hope it's okay... I started a conversation... my messages are too long for this format... keep up the good work, what a great job you have..
    Court, Don't forget a magnet along with your luggage scale... I'm stuck in Santa Cruz, but look forward to your report.
    Are you going to Storm Demo Day? I wonder if the Sand Shark 1000w? "prototype" from the YT video will be there? I also wonder if a video of a weak 350w powered bike like in your vid. would have sold so many bikes??
    Court, I want to tell you how much I appreciate all the work you've been doing this week on the Storm and the comparison to the Sand Viper. I'm on the fence and will need to make a decision for too much later today but the questions, comparisons, and insight are greatly appreciated.
    Sorry Court.. the posts below were one... but I had to really edit stuff out to fit... But I really think there's something wrong with this "Storm" crowd fund...
    I just watched the YT video on the Storm "similar spec" bike..Well done. I noticed one of the Storm "prototype bikes" had different forks and a much larger motor... and who knows what kind of battery? I believe that bike in the video was Jon Hopp's "Sand Shark" was on his FB page with under the photo
    This Malibu bike ( ) has a good assortment of eBikes. I did't see the SS for sale. I think the 2 "geniuses" are really good at hyping, and there's no way they will deliver a bike with "similar specs" too bad a lot of people, are getting burned. 45 # for a steel framed bike with fat tires and a 6# battery, really?
    howdy...just watched yer video review of the iGO "Metro"..i do have a question re: the l.e.d. panel...iGo's site says the panel features a trouble indicator. Does this show a code # , kinda like cars use?Please share this info.We'd be MUCH obliged,bro.
    Hey Court! Nichen here from Youtube :D I hope all is well! Did you like my E-bike? I posted a presentation-post with a couple of pictures.
    Hello from Florida.
    I bought a Papamotor 1000watt 48volt kit w/ lithium battery.
    I installed it on an expensive Specialized (brand name) mountain bike with full suspension.
    I have decided to use a 500watt motor.
    I'm trying to find out how to order one now.
    Apparently you cannot order directly from Papamotor now.
    Any help?
    Hey Cabinboy (you kind of look like him also)..."lol" Hey do you have any opinions on my Diamondback conversion? under the forum 8fun "2012 Diamondback Overdrive Project" Thanks again your review helped me pick this 750watt motor....I think a nuvince hub would be good, do you have any other opinions on hubs for less$$ that you are aware of?
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