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    Honest feedback about DOST Bikes?

    Hey @tomdav Rad started using the logo before I added three bikes per category and added most categories on the site. Having reviewed over a thousand ebikes at this point, I was getting feedback from visitors that they wanted more help navigating and selecting the best bikes... but "best" is...
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    Which camera

    Hey @ebs, Mitch is correct... I had a bunch of older cameras, but they were lost when my car was broken into while visiting Long Beach last year. I like the newGoPro 8, but it sometimes stutters when filming indoors (which you can see in the BC Bike Show video I posted yesterday). I did some...
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    IMG tag option missing?

    Thanks @troehrkasse, I’m down to re enable full sized images here. It seems like people really want that and I’m glad Xenforo has made improvements in loading. And thanks for your input on this @tomdav :)
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    Honest feedback about DOST Bikes?

    That’s a really good suggestion @tomdav and I’m surprised and a little sad that companies haven’t just done that on their own. I occasionally get calls about using photos and embedding videos and I always say “go for it!” to be helpful (and it exposes my brand a bit too). I don’t use watermarks...
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    Honest feedback about DOST Bikes?

    You guys are awesome! Great question from @cuwatra and I really appreciate the responses from @Rick53 and @Mike's E-Bikes. I'll answer questions below and try to be as complete and transparent as possible: @cuwatra I do not give out star ratings, DŌST extracted that from the "choice product"...
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    Court Rye

    Thanks you guys! I've done my best to create a space that has objective information, so you can make the best decision... and also make some friends along the way. I appreciate your encouragement :)
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    Novel Coronavirus discussions

    Here's what I've noticed... Gold and Bitcoin are up over the past couple of months, but so are traditional markets (a favorite investment of mine is VTI, and I've been expecting it to drop with supply chain slowdown, so I've shifted a bit into BND). Speaking with some industry friends who...
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    New Harley-Davidson Electric Bikes

    Thanks for posting this @FlatSix911!
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    Electric Bike Companies That Have Gone Out Of Business

    Hi guys, it's a sad subject... but I thought it would make for a useful thread over the years. Please share any ebike companies you know of that have gone out of business, and anything you know about it (like the date they went out, where they were based, where to get parts etc.) I'll start...
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    E on a train.

    Hi @Treetwister77, great question! I haven't actually commuted with a bike by train, but we did a staged review at a train station long ago that really got me thinking. I liked the bike a lot, not sure it's still for sale? It was called the VeloMini Plus and is sold almost exclusively by Doug at...
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    Ultimate Commuter Pro E-Bike

    @Ravi Kempaiah for the win here! Yeah, I'm still in touch with the company and hope to do some reviews later this year. I wasn't able to make it for their special launch event, but it does look like an awesome bike! Your list of features is awesome, and I can't think of a mid-drive with carbon...
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    Full Suspension vs. Fat Tire

    Good question, and sorry it's taken me forever to respond! My preference is full suspension with at least 2.25" tires... road or off-road. A full suspension with 2.6" is awesome. I prefer the lighter weight and nimble feel of regular sized tires and much prefer good full suspension to fat tires...
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    R&M 2020 bikes

    Hey! I spoke with Chris a week ago and do plan to visit his shop again in 2020 to cover some of the bikes, I'll keep an eye out for the Superdelite, sorry it won't happen as quickly as we'd like! I appreciate your question and appreciation of our work :D
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    R&M 2020 bikes

    Hey! My intention was to express why I might not be covering as much R&M (Chris is doing it well) and then share a bit of my emotions with what I consider to be a group of friends. I was sad that Chris and I couldn't just keep reviewing all of the bikes together like the old days! We actually...
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    Motor dieing off when throttle is give on low battery

    Thanks so much @PDXzap and @harryS, great answers! Sorry I'e been a bit offline and unable to respond as quickly or thoroughly as I'd like. You guys are heroes :D