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    Handlebar Jack update

    Just ordered!!!
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    Ride1Up 700 Series e-bike

    I’m 5’10” and 175lbs The ST fits me great, and moves out pretty good with me on it.
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    Got my 700 ST

    I received my 700ST this week. FedEx wouldn’t leave it without a signature and ID so I elected to reroute it and go pick it up locally instead of missing more delivery attempts. The box was in decent enough shape. Upon unboxing everything was in perfect shape, and all hardware was easily...
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    Ride1Up 700 Series e-bike

    Mine is shipped and will arrive Monday!
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    Ride1Up 700 Series e-bike

    I just ordered today as well 👍🏾
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    Ride1Up 700 Series e-bike

    What’s your height and how does the step through fit you?
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    Actually this is probably a better approach... 1. The margin HAS to be super slim on the initial sale, especially since the price is identical online. 2. But being able to touch the bikes and develop a relationship with the shop means the customer can buy with some confidence and still enjoy...
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    Will ebikes really lead the EV revolution?

    I believe the solution, in part anyway, will be stations where the batteries are swapped out with the customer being in and out in minutes.
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    Magnum Premium Lo Step for Sale in Northern NJ/NYC **SOLD**

    2019 Purchased from LBS Magnum Premium Low Step E bike Purchased from Voltaire Cycles in Denville for $2,000 April 2019 Commuted from Bergen County to NYC 30 minutes to NYC 1430 trouble free miles 500w rear hub motor Mechanical disc brakes 22 mph pedal assist 20mph with throttle Easily gets 25...
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    Biktrix Swift - 1000W, torque sensor, easy-step, 21ah battery

    Has anyone received or reviewed this bike yet?? This seems perfect fro my commute..
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    Magnum Premium Folding Bike 500w

    Ive had my premium low step since late April and have clocked 1300 miles. had one pinch flat due to my LBS improperly inflating the front tire, and the latch rivet break off. But its been reliable as hell. That being said, I need a 28 mph bike... decisions decisions...