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    Assistance performance reduces as battery drains

    Thank you, William from Bosch! That kind of confirms my suspicion, although fills out the theory a bit, which is great. So the fact that the amount of assistance reduces proportionate to the charge level of the battery may actually just be a coincidence, it's possibly more because the longer...
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    Assistance performance reduces as battery drains

    Hi all, new user from down under here. I had a look through the threads to see if there was anything similar, but I couldn't find anything, apologies in advance if I'm blind though, happy to be corrected! I have a 2017 Cube Cross Hybrid Pro with the CX motor and 400Wh PowerPack. It's so far...
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    My one complaint: Cube Cross hybrid Pro

    Hi, I have a 2017 Cross Hybrid Pro 400, Blue on Black, and have not noticed this issue. Having said that, it's mainly used for commuting duties and sees only very light off road use. What is causing the scuffs, is it terrain or "self-inflicted wounds" :) i.e. just you or your bags rubbing...