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    Is the a bad ebike?

    Certainly the level of quality of components could be commented on.......even if they are termed entry level, mid level quality, high quality. I see huge numbers of bikes with generic low level set ups being marketed as high quality.......and I sincerely doubt that.
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    Is the a bad ebike?

    I've been reading reviews on this site and cant find a negative one. Are there any poorly designed poorly built poorly equipped bikes?
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    Suggestions requested for best hitch bike rack for Juiced RipCurrent S

    Anyone have a Yakima on-ramp?
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    Beware the Specialized "Warranty"

    Two months in?
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    Comparing ebikes to buy

    I'm 79 with medical issues that affected my range on my road bike. Went with a Gazelle t10 and enjoying it immensely. Nice having a dealer to answer questions and help if there are problems-- none in first thousand miles. Try them!
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    Potential E-Bike owner

    My choice a gazelle t10 medeo was dictated by having a local dealer, quality of the components (Devore derailleur, Bosch motor), and trial ride. I'm 79 and so far 300 miles in find the bike meets most of my needs.
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    Easyflow and Tire Pressure

    Theoretically, the firmer the tire the lower the rolling resistance and the better the distance......but the harder the ride. I tend toward the higher pressures.
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    Gazelle Arroyo C8 (2018) rack fail

    Was it covered under warranty? Is obviously a design flaw perhaps complicated by a faulty weld.
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    Dost KOPE or Giant FastRoad E - EX PRO

    Has dost delivered their first bikes yet?
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    First ride Gazelle T10 Medeo

    79 year old looking to increase range. Been biking for past 35 years on various road bikes. Last one a Gunnar Sport. Purchased a Gazelle T10 Medeo and first shortish ride today. Enjoyed the flattened hills and ease of cycling. Some numbers on Purion display seem optimistic (speed, estimated...
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    Walk assist on Gazelle NL not available?

    Good luck.
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    Walk assist on Gazelle NL not available?

    Purion, also jeans blue
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    Walk assist on Gazelle NL not available?

    Just took possession of T10 Medeo. It has walk assist. Waiting for the rain to stop to take a ride, but walk assist in my garage works fine.
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    New to Ebikes - Help Needed

    Dost has not, to my knowledge delivered bikes to purchasers. While they look good, no one knows how the production models will work. No local support either. Most bike shops have limited capacity to support brands sold elsewhere.
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    Who's the oldest and youngest rider here?

    79 and battery operated. Moving from Gunnar road bike to Gazelle T10 medeo