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    RadRhino Bottle holder?

    I bought the one from MRI Denver but they are so backordered I have no idea when they will ship... so this looks like a good alternate option....
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    Just ordered a RR5!

    I’ve wondered about that seat post but at 215 lbs I think I’m too heavy for it.
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    That's one of the many reasons I'd like for owners groups of any type to be OUTSIDE of Facebook.
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    Throttle ? Yes or no ?

    I got into Ebikes after many years riding motorcycles... No self respecting motorcyclist would want an Ebike without a throttle. lol
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    1Up Super Duty Single

    Does that rack work if your bikes had fenders? If not it seems the Hollywood rack is better in that regard.
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    Upper Speed Limit of Rad Runner 1?

    Yes, the 42 page manual. C14. Weak assist, general assist, stronger assist. With stock Rad you can't change that. With stock Himiway you can pick the exact % of power for each level. For the Bolton upgrade it seems we have 3 different sets of PAS we can work with but we can't pick the...
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    Upper Speed Limit of Rad Runner 1?

    How does one fully program the lower PAS levels to useful watts? I didn't think I could change my PAS with the Bolton upgrade in the same way a Himiway can pick the exact % of power for each PAS. I thought all I could do is change to 3 predetermined sets of PAS.
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    Radrunner (chilli with peppers)

    Kyle @ Bolton created it because all other options he saw were not designed to go over the plug/nut/washers. He has tried many different ones, he saw a need in the market for a better tool, he bought tooling to create it and after several prototypes came up with a final product. The average...
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    Radrunner (chilli with peppers)

    It's more expensive but Bolton just created a freewheel removal tool... Works on both Shimano and DNP FreeWheels and it's made in the USA. Specifically designed to fit over...
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    Any idea why the Rad subreddit is restricted?

    Along with EBR it was among the forums I'd visit for Rad related stuff. Now the subreddit is restricted and hasn't had a new post in over a week. Any ideas? I don't use reddit for other things so I'm not sure why it would be restricted.
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    New Radrunner owneron,

    Yes and this line... "As to how long the charger is plugged in 12 to 14 hours every night," just pointing out what Rad says. It apparently doesn't apply here but in general I'm surprised by the amount of people who buy a Rad but don't read the manual. I know of several people who didn't bother...
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    New Radrunner owneron,

    It's probably not a bad idea to read the manual for the Rad Runner...
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    Radrover step thru weight limit

    I've wondered... what is the limiting factor in a weight limit on an Ebike? Rad Rover = 275 lbs. Himiway Cruiser = 350 lbs. They are very similar looking bikes. Why the 75 lbs. difference? Is the frame the limiting factor? The tires?
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    Radrover Controller & Display Upgrade Kit

    Some of you who have upgraded the controller have also upgraded to the true 750 Watt motor. I have a question... if I'm riding at 100 watts using the upgraded controller but stock motor, what difference would I notice riding it at the same 100 watts using the upgraded motor?
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    Rad Power Raises Prices for some models

    So what would your advice be for someone who knows they want to buy a RadRover but wants to wait till the 2021’s because they wouldn’t ride till early Spring anyway?