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    Juiced Replacement Battery

    I t It was at my Apartment building! I was bringing it inside to charge. I'll definitely look into those options. What 3rd party companies have you found?
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    Juiced Replacement Battery

    I stupidly took it off the bike and took my groceries in but forgot about it and left it lying next to the bike. It was gone when I came back in a couple of hours.
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    Juiced Replacement Battery

    My battery got stolen and I am unable to ride at the moment. Juiced's website shows that they are currently sold out of batteries. Are there any 3rd party shops that also sell batteries? I've looked around and really have not been able to find anything.
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    Key Replacement CCX

    I bought a Juiced CCX a couple of months ago, and it has been amazing. However, one issue I've had is that it only comes with 2 keys for the bike. The key is held together with 2 pins that constantly try to slide out. The pins slid out on one of them and I lost it. Now I don't have a spare...