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    Who knows any reliable e bike Manufacturers?

    If you’re coming here for info, it appears you need to do a lot more homework on your own. My first question would be what you are bringing to the table that would fit in with a specific manufacturer?
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    What do you use for a Helmet? (Pictures Thread)

    Can you easily remove the chin piece?
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    Lamborghini gets into the e-bike business

    This is no different from Harley Davidson making an ebike to cash in on the logo. If you can get some idiot to pay $18k for an ebike, why not?
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    Trek Allant+7 Lowstep thoughts/review...

    As you may notice, I use a small (purple) bungee cord to help maintain tension. It would probably work fine without it but I chose to use it.
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    Who you for in the NFL playoffs this weekend?

    As a packers fan, I have exactly the same issues. Rodgers is 37 and has done well but not gotten back to a second SB. It’s likely now or never for him also. I just want him to get one more so he can forever have one more than Farve, who I’m so sick of. That “gunslinger” holds records for...
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    What do you use for a Helmet? (Pictures Thread)

    While I totally agree, I’d like to see a good lightweight and ventilated hybrid between a full face motorcycle helmet (with pop up visor) and a bicycle helmet. My Kabuto Kamui would be a good starting point.
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    Dining out during Covid

    Lots of take out but no real dine out since March of last year.
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    Trek Allant+7 Lowstep thoughts/review...

    Yes, we bought a generic one years ago for her analog lowstep bike and are still using it. You can kinda see it in these pictures. No logos anywhere.
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    Who you for in the NFL playoffs this weekend?

    Hey, Ben and the Steelers have enough for now.😉
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    Who you for in the NFL playoffs this weekend?

    Well anyways, GO PACKERS!
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    Anyone change your brakes for one finger braking?

    FWIW, I only use one finger most of the time and two or three in heavier braking situations with my Allant’s pretty basic Shimano MT200 system.
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    Walk Mode

    I’ve used walk mode on my Allant+7 to go up a steep set of stairs on vacation and I actually lifted the front wheel off the ground as it was a narrow stairway. A great little tool when needed.👍
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    Walk Mode

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    What E-Bikes Have You Bought Which Have Exceeded Your Expectations?

    Exactly the way I feel about my Trek Allant+7. With over 1k miles it has been totally reliable with all the power/torque/performance I expected and paid for. And with the many Trek dealers here in the U.S.A. I feel very well supported. This forum has very few discussions about problems with Trek...