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    Known Issues & Problems with OHM Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Thanks for starting the post Ann! We're always happy to listen and help when we can. One issue we see time and time again is exhaustion and excessive smiling after a ride. A good cold beer tends to help :) In all seriousness, I'm happy to answer any questions or accept feedback on our rides...
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    30,000 km in 27 months

    Was hoping you'd hit the 30,000km mark this month! That is awesome to hear. I much prefer the rain to snow and ice... We are quite spoiled as it is, with the fact that our winters are so short on the West coast, but dear me this winter has been a doozy. Rubber--side down! 40,000km here we come!
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    Where are the OHM Riders? Sound off!

    Hey folks, sounds like things are clicking along swimmingly! @Robert Youngken I'm really happy to hear you're getting good use out of the bike. We work really hard to make the bike feel as bike-like as possible. @CrisW , you still riding through the bad weather? @Kevin Deane-Freeman it...
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    Anyone tried to travel?

    Looking into it, it will cost ~$245 to ship the battery to Amsterdam (took a random city based on your comment). Expect +/- $30 depending on where in the EU... You're looking at ~$500 round trip to send your battery. I'll see if there is anything I can do with BionX Europe division. Dan
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    Anyone tried to travel?

    Hey @Kevin Deane-Freeman , would love to work with you on this. We're a certified DG shipper and can get a couple quotes & ship the battery for you... give me a shout at Dan p.s. don't 'forget' it in a bike box and ship it- they open 99% of bike boxes on the way through...
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    Where are the OHM Riders? Sound off!

    Hey folks! I know there are several of you lurking out there, and as we sip eggnog and wish for warmer weather, I think it would be a great chance to get to know each other a little better. Where are you from, what are you riding, how long have you had it? Favourite trail? I'm from...
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    Ohm/BionX Waranty

    That is excellent Norman! So happy to hear you have had a seamless experience with the warranty; BionX takes great pride in their customer service. I am talking to them every week about this or that, and having met the tech staff in person you really know they care. Here's to many more years...
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    28,000 and holding due to ice snow!

    Woohoo! Myself, I get the shakes when I'm off my bike for too long, but looking at the upcoming weather report helps me get through the week of below-zero weather we've been having (we're spoiled; admit it!). Can't wait...
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    Hub vs mid motor wear and tear

    Great rundown Ken! Appreciate the writeup. Ravi, sounds like you're a hyper-miler with your brakes! I know it is quite different, but when I'm mountain biking I go through about 4-5 sets of brake pads a year and I'm doing less than 1000km on the beast. :) I'd even suggest that a good...
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    27,000 Km in 21.5 Months

    Looks like you're slacking a bit, Ken! ;) All jokes aside, I'm constantly amazed at how far you're able to ride your ebike. Makes me jealous! I need to work harder!!! Keep us updated, Dan
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    Keep the rubber-side down! Hello from OHM Cycles :)

    Happy Turkey Day! I forgot to mention that good podcasts (shoutout to my favourite, The School of Greatness) help the 35-45 min commute fly by.
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    Keep the rubber-side down! Hello from OHM Cycles :)

    Hey Ravi! Good to see you too. Nice meeting you in person at Interbike! Hey Berry78! I'm ready for the challenge, bring it on :cool: The dealer list on the website has been dated; we just revamped the site and now offer direct shipping to customers (note: shipped to a local bike shop for...
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    Keep the rubber-side down! Hello from OHM Cycles :)

    I wanted to introduce myself to the great crowd here in this cozy forum. My name is Daniel Henderson. I am the North American Sales Coordinator for OHM Cycles! I have had the pleasure of meeting some of you folks either abroad at trade shows, while riding bikes, or at our new HQ in North...