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    Current Felt eBikes on ebay: Redemption E50

    @dirtrider - congrats on the Cannondale, I'll have to check that one out. @Ravi - I just checked out the wheel and sprocket site and they have a Felt closeout section. I'm sure they'd prefer I buy direct from their site too. Their ebay store charges CA sales tax, not sure if their store does...
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    Current Felt eBikes on ebay: Redemption E50

    Yeah, I just looked up a couple of written reviews and also an EBR first look on youtube when they were introduced late 2018. I wonder why the blow-out price? They are also on bikeexchange for $3500. I don't do much in the way of drops or jumps so the Aion fork and the rest of the components...
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    Current Felt eBikes on ebay: Redemption E50

    ebay Seller: wheelandsproket. Any info on the Felt Mtb ebikes on ebay for $2999? There seems to be a lot of them, a current model and, looking at the sales history, they don't seem to be selling too quickly. Frames are basic aluminum geometry with good travel but the components are decent and...
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    Haibike SDuro (Yamaha), operate without display?

    Well, I finally fell and knocked the display out of it's slot. More of a tip over really, up a steep, rocky section. A sturdy bush branch knocked it off, but it fit right back on. I finally read in the manual that the display must be installed for it all to work. I did hear Court say the...
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    60 Minutes segment on "mechanical doping" tomorrow

    That was interesting, thanks for letting us know about it. Of course Lance Armstrong denying ever using electric motors, well, we know how that goes. Maybe Oprah will get a confession?
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    60 Minutes segment on "mechanical doping" tomorrow

    Tour bikes (UCI) must be 14.99 pounds or greater. Most of the top bikes have weights added to bring them up to this minimum. There are bikes that weigh under 10 pounds, then add a seatpost motor/battery setup weighing 4 pounds that can deliver up to 200 watts of power.
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    Op Ed in LA Times... E-bikes may be the greenest form of transportation ever

    I don't know. The manufacturers are going to build what is demanded, more or less. There seems to be quite a big selection of e-road bikes. I can only justify one bike, a MTB, but I'm planning on getting an extra wheelset with smooth rubber for the pavement.
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    Looking for a suitable maintenance stand for a Haibike

    I'm using a Spin Doctor Team Stand from Performance. It's on sale right now. It does fine for the adjustments and light maintenance you mentioned including with the battery on. I also clamp at the top tube...
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    Why Electric Bikes Shouldn't Be Allowed on Mountain Biking Trails?

    I am simply going to say me and my 350w Haibike SDuro share the trails quite nicely with the hikers and non-ebikes alike. Most don't even know it's an "e". More so, I'm getting older and my right knee usually doesn't hold up to more than 2-4 miles depending on the hills. So now I'm getting up...
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    Newbie Question

    Know if it definitive that the USA bikes won't have walk assist activated? I've got the Yamaha Haibike, it has the button, but it's not enabled. Would love to have this enabled as I could sure use it in some steep rocky areas.
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    Tapered head post loose

    It should be tight with no play. It bears quite a bit of stress and if there is any play it will get worse fairly quickly.
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    Haibike SDuro (Yamaha), operate without display?

    Anyone know of a way to operate the Yamaha SDuro without the display installed? I like a clean minimalist bar, no remote lockout, no front shifter, etc and definitely no over sized bike computer with corners that sits up high. It's just a matter of time before it gets knocked off and broken...
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    Point me to the $390 Haibike Yamaha battery. I'm seeing $900 in California. Even on a UK site it's 650 pounds.
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    I just bought a 2016 Haibike SDuro (Yamaha PW + 400W battery). Consistent with your post, I probably did more research on the battery, including all the concerns you noted, than the bike and motor combined. It's the one component that will absolutely decline and fail over time from day one...
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    2016 SDuro w/Yamaha, battery shake & rattle, fix?

    Here's my fix that seems to work. A long vertical strip of door insulation from Home Depot. I might change it to several horizontal strips because the Yamaha battery slots in sideways and tends to roll the foam over. It was <$5 for 10 ft, so cheap to experiment. In any case I think it looks...