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    Mid Drive shifting under throttle only

    I didn't bother to fit the shift sensor to my bike with the bbshd, I just use the left brake cutout switch, left brake is rear so I treat it like a clutch, a light squeeze doesn't move the pads in much, motor cuts out, shift gears while pedaling then release the brake. If I don't cut the motor...
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    What is this device for? (2020 Superdelite)

    The horn can never be loud enough, I have both bell and horn and and people with ear buds or headphones still don't hear them, I am considering adding an air horn just for those special people. I usually ring the bell some distance back, people either hear the bell and step to one side, or stop...
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    Best ebike repair stand

    Seconded on the parktool pcs-10, brilliant stand, strong easily supports the bikes, even the triple top tubes on my Juiced Ocean current, I won't turn the bike upside down because of the hydraulic brakes.
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    Spare Bionx battery

    OHM bicycles
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    What is different about the das-kit motors as opposed to bafang.

    Yes it depends on how the gears are cut, straight cut gears like on my Ford model A are noisy compared to modern helical cut gears.
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    Send us pics of your ebike... loaded with groceries!

    Been using a Burley Travoy for the last 7 years, really handy for the weekly shopping and the occasional salvaged laser printer, that because I can wheel it directly into the markets or shops, then when back home I can wheel into the kitchen to unload, no lugging multiple bags from the garage to...
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    Brake confusion?

    Yeah I have arthritis in both thumb joints, asked my doc about it, he said it's the most used joint in the body so don't use them, yeah like that's going to happen. I really don't like click shifters for that reason, one of my bikes uses them and it can be a real effort to push the lever in...
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    Brake confusion?

    Yes I prefer disc brakes over other types simply because you have more consistently in braking wet or dry, and I prefer hydraulic disc brakes over the mechanical discs because of more braking power and self adjusting, the pads wear evenly unlike mechanical which can wear diagonally if you forget...
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    Seat post clamp bolt

    Yeah, Rolls Royce make aircraft engines, they use metric threads throughout, however for the US market those metric fittings have imperial heads and sockets because Boeing didn't want spend millions in buying new tools, Hermle is a clock movement manufacturer in both Germany and the USA, I had...
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    Pedal assist on Bafang BBS01 - 02, is it real pedal assist?

    The BBSxx motors use cadence sensing, it senses your pedaling which activates the motor to whatever level assist you have set it to, yes you can ghost pedal where you can pedal with no effort, no a bad idea it you have bad knees for example of like a friend of mine where the left crank fell off...
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    mid drives are not for everyone/throttles are fine

    Both my bikes have throttles, I only use the throttle for walking the bike up a slope, the cruiser has a 500w rear hub motor, I prefer it for longer trips and have passed 12000km in 2.5 years, it climbs hills ok, the other bike an older mountain bike with a BBSHD fitted, I mainly use it for...
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    Disc Brakes and Pads

    Not too bad as long as I left plenty of room to stop, very noisy but. Here is a pair of new pads against the old pads, interestingly the worst pads were the rear ones, the front pads had about 1/2mm left.
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    Disc Brakes and Pads

    Yes when the pads start looking like this, time to replace :cool:
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    Battery connectors. info needed.

    Ok, well the first thing you need to do is identify the motor plug, is it the same as a standard appliance plug as used on computer tower cases and instant pots etc, or is it one of the scooter plugs that Thomas linked to, once you have the right socket, then unscrew the socket from the old...
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    Battery connectors. info needed.

    You won't find a connector, you will have to make it, an IEC-C13 connector plug wired to the XT-60 connector. You will need to pull the motor side socket out to check the wiring, hopefully only two pins are used. The IEC-C13 connector plug comes in straight and right angled,