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    Bionx D Series 500 Watt, 48V Roadbike

    Check out all my posts on this thread in the Stromer sub forum.
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    Bionx D Series 500 Watt, 48V Roadbike

    My friend who owns the modded out Stromer St1 Platinum that you might of seen on other threads, just bought this beaut. It was raining today so I just took a quick video from inside his parking garage with my iphone. Eventually I will get some ride shots with my garmin virb. Here are the bike...
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    2015 Bionx FatBikes

    Well the Norco bionx fatbike is being released at the end of 2014 :) and here's your AWD version lol
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    2015 Bionx FatBikes

    Just looking over some pics from the Bionx Facebook page from Eurobike 2014 Came across Bionx's new fatbike codenamed "Night Crawler" thats fitted with a Bionx D 500 motor. Here are some pics... Looks good minus all the yellowish-green accents, still no ETA on it. It also looks like...
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    2014 Bionx D Series Unboxing Video

    The admin of did a review on the D Series, you can view it here
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    2014 Bionx D Series Unboxing Video After a month of waiting it finally arrived :)
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    Fastest I've ever been on an electric bike

    I think the youtube ads are trying to warn me about this run :S
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    Fastest I've ever been on an electric bike

    Your right these won't withstand crash damage there's too many parts and connections that can break. I haven't crashed/bumped anything with these on so I wouldn't know. The reason I prefer these over mucky nuts is because of the extended front tire protection. I have an exposed down tube...
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    Samsung Smart Bike Concept

    Its not an electric bike but all you need is to install a Bionx type kit on it and away you go. :) I'am a strong believer that as the years go on technology and biking will be ever more integrated. Bike computers w Celluar integration, rear view cameras, laser guidance systems, heart rate...
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    Fastest I've ever been on an electric bike

    @Court Dude, you need to take that fender back, and get a replacement. I own 2 sets and my friend Batman owns 2. We haven't had this happen to any of our bikes and we ride hard off road. If you cant return it for a new one, here are links to the OEM parts you might need. QR Slip Joint Clamp...
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    Why do people use ebikes? Infographic!

    I love biking and I love technology, put those 2 together and you get an ebike. Consistent high speed and the power to climb hills fast and without much effort is just an added bonus :)
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    Harassed by Real Bicyclists

    There is a term my generation uses these days for this "haters gonna hate" It means that people who don't like you will always find a reason to dislike you, no matter how stupid that reason may be. Those were definite haters. Eventually everyone will ride electric, its just a matter of time...
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    FireFly - Attachable electric hand cycle for disabled and handicapped in wheelchairs

    I found this on a random google search and thought the idea was amazing. Electric bike technology at its finest. Comes in 2 versions.. The F (= Fast) version of the Firefly has a max speed of 18km/h or 12 km/h. The S (= Slow) version has a max speed of 15km/h or 8 km/h and a tuning screw to...
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    Fastest I've ever been on an electric bike

    It's a KHS Tucson 29er w Bionx SL-350. Dont jinx me @Court I'm not gonna fall... Like I said earlier I didn't know what I was getting myself into with this run, it was my first time. Since reviewing the video, Ive purchased motocross fullbody ultralight armour (Chest,Shoulders,Thighs,Knees,)...
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    The Top Electric Bikes for 2014

    As someone who smokes pot regularly, I wouldnt be caught dead in one of those lol