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    Best bafang ultra motor grease/oil?

    This is the correct choice, and best product on the market for the Ultra motor... And many others.
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    Used or 3rd party Biktrix seller?

    Unfortunately I think you're going to find the same story anywhere you look: popular, competitively priced ebikes which generally are originating from China (or important parts are), are sold out and impossible to re-stock for several months. Biktrix has a lot of Taiwanese and domestic...
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    Temperature sensor

    It's also there to ensure the rest of the gearing is protected, including the gear it would have replaced... And it makes the motor substantially quieter. So, spare parts inventory consists of basically nylon gears, which are cheap since they can be extruded.
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    Biktrix Tuning Of G510 Ultra

    Doubt he needs his personally tuned, best I can tell all Biktrix Ultras are programmed so well there is not really much room for improvement! Probably the next step from here is even more advanced hardware (motor, controls, etc) in future Biktrix generations. For now, those of us riding Biktrix...
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    biktrix ultra in az?

    Mine's also set up with 5 levels, the PAS stepping is really good and I've never missed having more levels.
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    2020 -Top 10 Ebikes With The Bafang G510 Ultra

    Don't be so quick to assume nylon... That's definitely space plastic in there (engineered plastics including the ring gear, probably composite and solid lubricant reinforced). Quiet and very long life, but intended for power levels below a bafang ultra for sure.
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    biktrix ultra in az?

    I tend to use Eco for more technical stuff (trails), and on the road in traffic I leave it in Sport mode.
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    Biktrix Swift - 1000W, torque sensor, easy-step, 21ah battery

    Thinking I will buy one of these for my girlfriend come Spring, lots of power, great components for the price, super reliable config!
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    biktrix ultra in az?

    My Jug Ultra (steel gears), no clunking, only smooth power delivery. I ride in everything from PAS 1-3, occasionally 4 in winter.
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    Juggernaut Ultra Battery Management System

    Also need to point out: Charging to 85% has nothing to do with storage voltage, re battery wear. Simply charging that extra 15% is where the battery wear is incurred... Thus, charging to 100% and discharging back to 85% has not reduced wear whatsoever. Charging for storage should aim for 50%...
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    Juggernaut Ultra Battery Management System

    For what it's worth, I charge my Reention Dorado 52V pack at 5.7A with cycle satiator, that's 300 watts, no issues. To be on the safe side, I never unplug the barrel jack charging cable while under full charging, only once it's done or after interrupting the charge by the satiator interface.
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    Juggernaut Ultra Battery Management System

    I charge my 52V reention pack with 5A thru the typical barrel jack, no issues.... also going to 88% charge typical on Satiator.
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    Jugernaut Ultra 1000 - Dutch commuter style w/ integrated lights

    Mass production bike accessory/option... Sounds like something a bike manufacturer should produce! Or perhaps integrate into future bikes...
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    Swapped my 44T chainring for a 52T

    Actually it's not a difficult part to get these days, Biktrix stocks em as do a few others.
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    Swapped my 44T chainring for a 52T

    IMO, 58T is really pushing it for momentary torque loads. I'm sure his motor has steel gears, but that's not where the risk is... It's the output clutch that will be destroyed by overloading it (different from the pedal freewheel in the motor). Be careful with that throttle from a complete stop...