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    Index finger numbness progressing to needles and pins on palm

    Wrist position is likely the culprit.
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    anyone know of a single only one ebike platform rack?

    Here's my 1up. Loads and unloads in seconds with nothing touching the frame. I ended up getting a second bike and they sell an add-on tray, so I didn't have to buy a whole new rack. Be sure to ask about the ramp kit if you order. Ebikes are heavy.
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    Car rack--which brand

    Not sure why they don't show it on the website, you have to email them and ask for it. The cotter pin allows you to drop the bar. The bolt with spacers gives you room to slide the ramp into place.
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    Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

    Keep in mind that now is the time to get the best deal. I picked up a Greenworks mower with battery and charger for only $150 at Walmart. Also grabbed the leaf blower with battery and charger so I would have an extra battery for the mower. Got my eye on the snow mover and power inverter that use...
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    Car rack--which brand

    1up USA loads and unloads in seconds, nothing touching the frame. Ask for the ramp kit. Ebikes are heavy!
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    Haters Lost my Business

    It's not just ebikers they are rude to, too many shops have rude arrogant elitist employees or owners who look down on anyone who they deem less knowledgeable or unworthy of their time. Some shops won't even service an ebike or a Walmart bike. The ones that don't evolve will not survive...
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    Burley kids trailer ok w/mid drive motor?

    Dogs like to go too.
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    SHOW us YOUR PIX here .... Odd, WeiRd ,UnUSuAl or EyE CaTchIng things from your rides

    Found this in the state forest near Ithaca NY
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    Not much out there for short people who want FS

    If you're going to sink $4K into a bike, you owe it to yourself to do a more thorough search. Don't rely on this forum. Ride the bikes for yourself.[/QUOTE Definitely plan to ride before I buy. If I can't find something locally, I'll stick with my hardtail.
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    Not much out there for short people who want FS

    Ravi, that certainly is a beautiful bike and the top tube doesn't rise as sharply as on the haibike , if I lived closer I would come out there and try that bike. However, since it's so far out of the budget, I would be wasting my time as well as yours.
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    Not much out there for short people who want FS

    If she is so knowledgeable, why is she stuck with two bikes that don't fit her? Due diligence is required before strike three. (Quote) I am happy with the fit of my hardtail Haibike. I only have one bike that doesn't fit me. I wrongly assumed that a size 41 haibike hardtail would fit the same...
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    Haibike - So hard to make sense of their catalog!

    Extremely hard. Sizing in general is a nightmare. There is absolutely no consistency in sizing across the line. See my post in the general discussion forum about full suspension for short people. Here's a picture of my size 41 hardtail and my size 41 Allmtn. I love my hardtail haibike, is there...
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    Not much out there for short people who want FS

    I might be able to find a dealer within driving distance. Thanks
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    Not much out there for short people who want FS

    Its crazy that you are taking another shot in the dark with no info about what will actually fit you.[/QUOTE No, I don't plan to buy another bike without trying it first. Not sure where you got the idea that I was going to. The dealer offered to fly me out to try it, but since I can't afford...