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    2019–2020 R&M Homage : Riders' Impressions

    I just bought a used 2019 Homage Rohloff with 200 miles for 5K. Coming from a smaller bike with 20” tires, this bike is quite a beast. The former owner passed away shortly after buying (very sad) so I’m lucky to find it and it’s in perfect condition. I do laugh at the “blue” paint which is...
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    New M-class owner with a problem

    Sold both for what I paid after $100 multi bike discount and Ariel credit for sending the wrong color. I bought a Riese and Muller used bike for a steal and am very happy. By the way, I discovered that the M Class 2020 edition has throttle all of the time, not just on level 0.
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    New 2020 M-Class for sale

    I have learned the lesson of buying online without a test ride. I have a new, assembled blue Ariel Rider M-Class including the shipping box and all components such as tools, charger, etc. This ebike has 4.1 total miles. My knee surgery does not mesh well with this ebike purpose. I live in...
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    New M-class owner with a problem

    I have decided to sell the M Class bikes as they do not adequately perform on hilly roads. If you’re interested in buying a blue bike with 4 miles, please contact me.
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    New M-class owner with a problem

    Speed is set at 20mph/32kph
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    New M-class owner with a problem

    Hello, I just received two Ariel M class bikes for me and my spouse. New to ebikes, I did research, read quite a lot of reviews and eventually settled on these bikes due to good reviews, small size, and bang for the buck. Our bikes are the 2020 version with the new suspension fork, and now...
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    A2B - Still in Business? Bankrupt? Bought by HerEco? Help!

    I had exactly the same problem. Refused to reply to emails, promised call-backs that never came, and just a terrible experience. I called my bank and stopped payment. Electric Bike City should be avoided, they are dishonest people.