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    Did Anybody Own A Ebike With The Ultra With A Nylon Gear?

    I bought a Biktrix Ultra in fall of 2018 (gunmetal color if that helps; I think the color is changed every year). Does my bike have the nylon gear?
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    Major flaw in 2019 and earlier Juggernaut Ultra FS:

    I broke the deraileur hanger on my pre-2019 Juggernaut Ultra, and I ordered a replacement from Roshan. If you are worried about replacement parts running out, try to buy a few now.
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    Outdoor Adventure EBike (camping, trail riding, etc)

    Biktrix Juggernaut: The owner Roshan often posts in the Biktrix subforum. I also exchanged emails with him when I bought my Ultra. I think Biktrix is good for a starter bike. If you want to go with the pricier Watt Wagons, I would consider the CrossTour.
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    The "UNOFFICIAL" Helios FAQ thread....

    Is the internal battery removable?
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    Watt Wagons Scrambler Style Ebike

    I also like the Radrunner design, but with the option to put a giant second battery in the place that the center storage box goes:
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    Watt Wagons Scrambler Style Ebike

    Full suspension is not a big deal for me. I think fat tires alone are adequate suspension, but it appears I am in the minority. I like this design, but thinner for easier pedaling and with a booster seat option:
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    Need help deciding on a sub $2,500 bike for off road

    I have the Bafang Ultra mid-drive, and I have not tried a hub drive; but I like the idea of a duo hub-drive. Advantage of mid-drive: Most efficiency and least weight, will climb without overheating Advantage of duo hub-drive: Redundancy, can use motor if chain breaks; can use both motors for...
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    Group Riding with Traditional Gravel Cyclists on E-Bike (dilemmas)

    First try the Vado; if negatively perceived, try the Lovelec. After at least two rides, you will have some ideas about what kind of performance you are looking for should you choose to purchase a third bike.
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    Military Use For Ebike Type

    I like the dual hub motor, step-through design, and low placement of big batteries. I wish they would make one with pedals and chain/belt; but it looks like the bike might be a tad wide for comfortable pedaling.
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    SONDORS to debut first electric motorcycle later this month

    I wish they made it with an enclosed storage compartment instead of a hole in the frame, wasted space. Also, I wish it had at least 100 miles of range.
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    Watt Wagons Scrambler Style Ebike

    I like the idea of redundancy for touring. Hub motors will also keep you going if the chain breaks.
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    Watt Wagons Scrambler Style Ebike

    My dream scrambler would have the following: 1) Dual hub motor like the Ariel D-class (for touring in case one motor fails) 2) Frame design like the Ariel D-class or Luna Banana (lots of space in the main triangle for spare batteries; a triangle bag could be offered as an accessory.) 3)...
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    looking for quality commute / light off-road / dirt bike

    The Shred (500W Bafang hub motor) is the same money for less bike compared to the Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra (1000+W Bafang mid motor). This sales-pitch for the Shred is actually a selling point for the Ultra: "In fact, you’ll swear it’s as so smooth as a mid-drive motor." Even at the same W, a...