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    E5 error

    Looks like the bike is back in my shop, so I'm assuming the dialectic grease "fix" didn't work. Still looking for feedback if anyone knows more about this.
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    Got hit by a car last night

    I used to be a cop and, assuming they did their job right, hopefully they/you have witness information and can call them to testify as well. In my experience it generally wasn't needed, but it was something good to have. He probably figures because he got out of the previous DUI charges, he...
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    E5 error

    The problem he is having is that the electrical systems entirely shut down after getting the error (i.e. motor, computer, etc.). He said he'll ride it for a few minutes/miles, get the error, and then the bike shuts down. All tech support suggested is that he take the battery off first...
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    E5 error

    I know this forum isn't too terribly active, but has anyone received an E5 error on their bikes? I talked to someone today who has a Trace and he's getting that error. Apparently he was told to try putting dielectric grease on the main junction cable that connects/disconnects the motor from...
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    IZIP E3 Zuma Video Review

    Sorry on the dealy - haven't been on for a while. For the slight ones in my area, it is fine and that's even keeping it in PAS 1. I've upped the PAS level to max a few times and it charges right up. I can't attest to its ability on anything extremely steep though, but I would imagine it do OK.
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    IZIP E3 Zuma Video Review

    Haven't done any updates in a while, so here's one. School started this week and I've been riding my Zuma to and from school (about 20 miles). It's nice because I get the exercise and I also don't have to deal with campus parking (which appears to be rather horrible this year). Anyway, here...
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    Long distance....3,000+ miles in 30-45 days

    I'd say the first thing to figure out is how much money you want to spend. You can get a $500 electric bike all the way up to a $15,000 electric bike (if not more in some cases). You then need to look at the weight limits on the bikes and then compare that to your loaded weight - how much is...
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    Riding a pedal assist across the country

    No pics or anything? How about setting up a blog or something to document the trip? ;)
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    Future Reviews

    I think it's also important to realize the number of bikes coming into the market right now and what they cost. I'm not sure exactly how Court gets his bikes, but I would think he's not buying them all out of pocket (could be wrong and if I am, I want a job that pays that well) and not every...
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    IZIP E3 Zuma Video Review

    In keeping with my electricity theme (and I still cannot figure out why the pics show up sideways). Also, I'm working on my photog skills and I'm starting to play around with Instagram filters, so humor me ;)
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    IZIP E3 Zuma Video Review

    In keeping with my electricity theme
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    Sonders Experience and modding

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    Keep your ebikes stored somewhere safe!

    After reading all of this, even if I did live in an apartment, I'd definitely haul the bike up/down the steps. Any inconvenience I got from that would be offset by not having thousands of dollars of electric bike and/or accessories stolen and possibly not being able to replace them :(
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    What do you all think of the 2016 IZIP models? Anyone going to upgrade?

    I've got an iZip Zuma and I only ride in pedal assist 1 mode (PAS). After 20 miles, I only lose one bar (out of five) on my battery gauge. I'm not sure what the max range is as I have not maxed it out, but I would assume based off of what I have seen, I would think 40-50 miles (if not more)...
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    Local dealer support - how big of deal?

    You're either going to have to do one of three things - fix it yourself if able, find a local bike shop that will be willing to try and fix it (probably not likely), or you're going to have to box it up and send it back to the manufacturer. I think this is one of the things that many of the...