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    Do you need an optical gear display in your shifter?

    I think it's sort of like learnig to use a keyboard. If you look at the keyboard when you're first learning, you will always need to look at the keyboard. Fortunately I had a typing teacher who forced us to not look and to this day, I can type without looking.
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    Bags / solutions to conceal a frame mounted battery?

    It's always going to look like an e-bike. If your concern is theft, I would consider removing the battery. I suppose you could make a zippered sleeve for it, out of some sort of light canvas. I remember there was a button on sleve for the frame of my 1967 CT90, to conceal and protect the...
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    Open discussion for winter riders.

    My cut off is 40 degrees for both motorcycles and bikes of any type. We were out today and it was 42. With gloves and a heavy jacket it was comfortable.
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    Can I switch batteries?

    The bikes are Bosch equiped Cannondales. (Contro-e)
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    Can I switch batteries?

    The battery switch is a great idea. Next time we're on a long ride I'll suggest it. She may have other ideas.
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    Can I switch batteries?

    Finaly got around to riding the e-bikes again. It's hard to get us off of our road bikes but the weather finaly turnes south and the road bikes don't have fenders and you can ride the e-bikes all bundeled up in warm clothes. No problem, off we went on a cold and slightly damp December day...
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    safety on bikes-lights/reflective vests etc

    I wonder if they make a "Cyclist Whistle" that you can mount on your cars fender?
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    How about calling it the Galactic Peace Patrol? Space Force sounds so ominous.
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    Buzz Aldrin wants Trump to change the name of Space Force
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    I agree, it's a poor choice of names. For one, I think the word "force" is inappropriate in these times. We need to continue to see space as a place of shared endeavor that benifits all mankind, not another battlefield. Yeah, I know, good luck with that.
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    Why an E-Bike and Not a G-Bike??

    Not nearly as reliable as electric.
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    Right turn hand signal?

    Hand signals are very useful when done properly but I find that most cyclists, if they do signal, preform the signal for only a second or so and then keep their signal arm in close to their body where it's difficult to see. Signal big and signal early.
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    Right turn hand signal?

    The thing is, no one understands arm signals any more. I like to do an exagerated, extended, pointing motion with my right arm and hand. My wife disagrees but I see too many cyclists doing a hasty left turn signal with their left arm tight up against their body. Yes it's the correct signal...
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    Seat / Saddle advice or opinions.... ?

    As much as having the proper saddle, having it adjusted properly is just as important, if not more so. Check out some saddle fitting videos on YouTube. I like mine about level. If it's tilted up ever so slightly, I get the numb thing going on. My e-bike seat is fairly large compared to my...
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    Can I switch batteries?

    Thanks, that helps. I'll keep you posted. Might be a while though.