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    Tesla and Dalhousie University in Canada renew and strengthen their partnership

    From the article: "...Giving back to the Nova Scotia ecosystem that helped nurture his career and provide him with support, academic resources and nurtured a cleantech space around his lab is important to him. Under the terms of the original Tesla deal, Dahn wasn’t allowed to take on mentor...
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    Anyone with a 2020 Revolt E Pro?

    I own a Revolt E+ and have ridden the Creo some, and I think the Revolt E+ is a good commuter. Besides better sealing, the one thing I've wanted is a bigger battery, but I've managed with the 375. So I think it was wise they jumped to 500, despite a price and weight increase. I know my LBS was...
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    Potential Solution to Giant Revolt E+ Turning Off Under Bumps

    At 2671km total. 13km more off-road. No turn offs!
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    Known Issues & Problems with Giant Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I had issues with my Revolt E+ turning off under bumps or a big bump, so I posted a possible fix involving a 2.4mm thick gasket under the male battery connector on the bike that has been holding up for 68mi. You can find details of the fix here.
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    Potential Solution to Giant Revolt E+ Turning Off Under Bumps

    Problem: My Revolt E+ has consistently been turning off (since mile 88, both display and assist) when going down bumpy terrain. It is especially pronounced on bumpy off-road, but happens every once in a while going over a curb or speed bump. I can then turn the bike back on with the power button...
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    Giant powering off repeteadly

    I ended up getting some gasket material and making a seal. I will update you once I ride some and do a write-up if it seems to work out.
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    Wall Street Bets: The EBR Edition

    I hold exotic stuff like VINIX (lookup the ticker!) 😉 In all seriousness, I used to work in financial services and it was always a chore to get people to diversify away from their concentrated (read: individual equity) holdings. They thought they were winners or and that they were clued in...
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    Watt Wagons- if you had to pick between two set ups

    @pushkar I like their bikes too, but I don't have much in the way of advice besides sticking with the high end of power/torque on the market at 280. I am 200 "dry" myself. Tubesets tend to be rated for ~275lbs so bear that in mind (I believe WattWagons can be spec'ed higher). Frey is another...
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    Giant powering off repeteadly

    Thank you very much for the detail! I ordered some gasket material to put under this location, about ~2mm thick. Glad you are not having any further issues. Amazing they would design the battery compartment with this level of dust ingress, isn't it? My bike more or less shows a similar amount...
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    Giant powering off repeteadly

    Do you mind going into further detail? Or even posting pictures of the gap or the u shape part Giant installed? This would be incredibly helpful! I have a 2020 Revolt E+ that I believe has the same issue. I believe the plastic spring clip isn't taking out enough of the slack in the battery, the...
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    Future of E-MTB - discussion with product managers of top companies

    It's good seeing all the product managers' takes. Weight has long been an area of focus in cycling, with way too much attention imo. But some framemakers say screw it and are making bikes they like. I think Surly has done a good job of making weight a distant second. I also think it's a category...
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    'Zen Skunkworks' - a new model in the development (to be priced at $1990 for an outstanding value)

    @Ravi Kempaiah Does this frame color fall under the 'hi-viz' bucket? I personally love hi-viz colors and think they provide a lot of utility in the form of safety. But, not everyone likes a bright green or orange frame! If you do decide on a more muted frame color than this, please consider...
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    Anyone with a 2020 Revolt E Pro?

    Looks nice! Fenders can make or break a bike's looks imo. How are the wheels holding up?