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    Finally a rival of Juiced? Surface 604 Shred

    Looks interesting. Would need to test ride one. I had a Surface 604 Rook as a loaner bike from my shop and, despite having a torque sensor, it rode like a cadence sensing bike which is a deal breaker for me personally.
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    CCS2 - Bike Rack and Fenders

    They’re actually supported it four spots - one screw, one bracket and a pair of fender stays. They don’t rattle but I removed the mudguards due to noise from them rubbing the tire over bumps. I’ve heard the Juiced Bike and Planet Bike fenders also make noise from the mudguards hitting the tire...
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    52V battery on CCS?

    It will ride fine but your battery level indication will probably always show full (or nearly full.) I believe the 52V displays are programmed differently to account for the ~4V higher system voltage.
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    CCS2 - Bike Rack and Fenders

    My fenders only have one bracket anchored here. Then there’s a bolt hole visible behind the bottom bracket if you take the rear wheel off. You bolt the fender down there.
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    CCS2 - Bike Rack and Fenders

    Why not attach the stays here? You can put them underneath the rack. That’s how a had to do it on one side of my CC (which has different frame mounts than the CCS2.)
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    READ BEFORE YOU BUY: No replacements parts

    I’m on the stock Suntour fork on my 3-year old CC. It still works fine. I’d rather have suspension than not when cruising at 28mph.
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    CCS2 - Bike Rack and Fenders

    I don’t think the Planet Bike or Blackburn fenders attach to the rack. Mine don’t.
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    CCS2 - Bike Rack and Fenders

    The rack just sits about 1/2” to the right of center towards the drive side when viewed from the back. So most disc-brake specific racks should work. Although I do think you want adjustable struts to get it to work on the newer CCS/CCX frames. The mount for the rack struts is placed higher up on...
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    CCS2 - Bike Rack and Fenders

    I have an original Cross Current. They didn’t come with a rack, fenders or lights. I use Blackburn Central 60mm wide fenders on mine with the mudguards removed (they were too noisy). They were kind of a pain to install (required 2-3 trips to the hardware store) but they work well and have...
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    48v battery replacement options

    Just FYI, the 52V battery will work on Cross Current Air (and my original Cross Current.)
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    The next (new) juiced bike . Juiced scorpion

    I don’t think it will be tall enough for me and I’m only 5’9” :)
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    Cross Current S LCD Display + Controller Upgrade for original Cross Current

    It still works great. I ride it every day. Juiced sent me another LCD display but it did the same thing. So I’m on the original King Meter display (no speedometer) and just live without the LCD display. The extra power really transforms the bike.
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    The next (new) juiced bike . Juiced scorpion

    If Bird starts deploying these in my area I’ll give them a try. But the lack of adjustment for saddle height is a deal breaker for me personally.
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    CCS rear wheel - washers

    Isn’t the wheel axle slotted? I don’t think it can spin in the drop out.
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    Juice CC-S2 - Size (medium vs large) - Did anyone get the medium and think it was too small?

    At 6’1” it’s kind of hard to imagine that you’d be better off on a M than a L frame.