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    new turbo creo comp carbon rider, a few questions!

    ^^ @Vamos - To access zero power assist: Hold the upper TCU button in for ~2 sec to turn off assist. Power remains on. Press button again briefly and power will return in Eco mode and normal operation.
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    new turbo creo comp carbon rider, a few questions!

    Good to hear that you're feeling the stoke, @mschwett! Hope you keep it going! Re wheels and tires: The R470s are already a pretty light wheelset, ~1650g. I'm not sure you'd notice much difference going to a slightly lighter carbon set especially since the Creo is itself heavy and it has a...
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    Creo SL 1x Chainguide?

    see post #10 above, problem solved
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    Vado SL external battery

    It won’t. The charger will deliver power at about the same rate, so it will take about the same time as it would to charge them sequentially. The Y-cable just offers the convenience of not having to return to switch the connector. Disappointing :(
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    Creo Remote Control DIY

    Hey @Oberst - sounds like you have a great LBS! Where in the US are you located?
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    Widest tires on a Creo?

    Specialized’s recommended max tire are widths are conservative, probably to allow for mud clearance. We live in the dry southwest US and have run 50mm wide 650b Soma Cazadero tires (measure a true 50mm on an i30 rim) and 47mm wide Specialized Tracer 700c tires (measure a true 47mm on the i21...
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    Specialized Turbo Creo 28mph Electric Road Bike

    @abercrombie - that's definitely not normal! Which model is it? We have two Creo Comp Carbon EVOs (Praxis cranks) that have seen a lot of rough trail miles, and the chainrings remain rock solid. I can't tell from your video, does the spider move on the shaft? Or, do the spindle and crank arm...
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    Creo SL sizing help needed.

    Hey Shakey - I'm close to your size (5'11"/33/33) and ride a LARGE Creo EVO. Fit is perfect. Like you I also ride a Large Levo SL (and Large Levo and Large Stumpjumper), so I would expect a Large Creo to work best for you. I did switch to a 90mm stem on the Large Creo as I ride off-pavement a...
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    Garmin Power Readout on Creo
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    Range Extender Transition Loss of Power

    I think the only way you can avoid the drop in power you’re seeing at the end of the RE discharge is to set Mission Control to use both batteries at he same rate. It takes a bit more effort to recharge both, but it’s worth it if you need both. (My understanding is that it’s also a little mote...
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    Narrower tires for Vado 4?

    I think your Vado 4 came with Trigger Sport 700x47 tires. These are 60tpi, have a wire bead, and weigh ~600g. You might take a look at Specialized's Pathfinder Pro. Thes Pros are 120tpi, are foldable and tubeless ready, and weigh 540g (700x42) or 480g (700x38). Either size is probably OK on...
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    Beware the Specialized "Warranty"

    Similar experience here in the U.S. with my 2018 Vado 6.0 And later, after I purchased a Specialized Creo and listed the Vado for sale, folks were lined up to buy it. Spesh seems to be leading the way...
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    13,000 Miles of Range Anxiety

    Worth watching if only for the stunning photography by Claudio von Planta, the cameraman who accompanies Ewan and Charley on a regular motorcycle.
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    Creo SL Comp Carbon EVO Vs SL Expert

    some thoughts - DI2 shifting is sweet, but the GRX group is very nice and I much prefer the feel of the GRX levers to old-school Ultegra levers. YMMV. Carbon wheels, MEH. I require them on my mtb, but they don't seem necessary on a motorized road bike. The R470s are pretty light in any case...
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    Creo SL 1x Chainguide?

    You might try replacing the Praxis wave ring with a standard Narrow-Wide type ring designed for 1x systems. We’ve had good luck with these riding in rough terrain. See posts 62 and 67 in this thread...