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    ODO stopped at 9,999 miles ???

    Now, my question is: Has @Eband ever got a software update for display from his Specialized LBS? Because I dare to doubt it. Software update was my specific request when I took bike to LBS of purchase. Also inquired about simple way to determine the specific Ver.* (sftwe version) of the bikes...
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    ODO stopped at 9,999 miles ???

    Not to appear totally hapless but have had Zero problems with either bike so have not been back to LBS until ODO reset problem. I have E-Mailed customer svc. Ride - recharge - ride recharge - repeat... What's the "TCU" - TCD-w?, Is "Mission Control " App available as download from Specialized...
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    ODO stopped at 9,999 miles ???

    LBS had also not run into this ODO time-out before and said he would contact mfg. Asked simply if any program updates for our bikes from Specialized since purchase, also asked if there is a 'Ver #" (sftwe version) determinable and was not clear on his response. What is 'early BLOKS' display...
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    ODO stopped at 9,999 miles ???

    Our Como 3.0 (@2019) ran up to 9,999 Miles and ODO stopped. How can ODO be 'Reset' . Without ODO it's more difficult to gauge maintenance intervals. LBS where purchased doesn't seem equipped to help ... Thanx EBand
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    delete please
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    Small Trunk Bag Recommendation

    ... just want something small to throw a couple items in (hand pump, tool, tube, money, small lock). For just those essential few items, I used the small soft box that came with the Como's accessories and manual. Atop a vintage Schwinn rack, the box/bag fits nicely holding tire repair equip...
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    Como cassette replacement.

    we have two Como 3.0 650B bikes. trying to replace cassette and chain. Specialized website specs : Shimano CS-HG200, 9-speed, 11-36t Vendors only seem to have CS-200 in 11-34 T I can find Shimano "Alivio" CS HG 400 cassette in COMO's OEM 11-36T and Shimano "Altus" HG CS201 in the OEM...
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    Como Chain & Sprox source?

    Our Como's (2.0?) have some hard miles and wear on drive chain and sprox, a little over 8,000 miles on one and @ 3,500miles on other Como. Need Como front sprocket, rear 9 speed cluster and chain for the hi mile one. a reputable U.S. online retailer or similar source appreciated...
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    Chain length Como 2.0 / 3.0?

    * - EDIT worked when I went to actual Forum instead of New Posting" page. thanx...
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    Chain length Como 2.0 / 3.0?

    also as a new member I was trying to edit this thread but only the "TITLE ' appears when I select "edit thread", how do I edit text if necessary? thanx
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    Chain length Como 2.0 / 3.0?

    RE: Como stepthru's with the 9 speed derailleur and 48 T ring drivetrain. Our Como's have @ 2500 miles and @ 7500 miles respectively. No visible or riding problems but I want to replace drive chains on both. No problems with either but replaced disc pads on the 2.0 at @ 4000 miles . > What is...
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    Hitch racks for Cars

    Out two Como's (@ 45 lbs each) easily are carried on the ' K2 Overdrive" brand carrier. The sturdy carrier is 2" and fairly heavy (@40lbs) with a 120 pound load limit. The locking hitch puts carrier way out past rear of vehicle to enable lifting hatch/trunk. I re-drilled 2" carrier pin holes to...
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    What’s your winter ebike-related project you’re working on?

    ... added front fender to the 'Como to prevent road salt from spraying motor ventilation screen. I moved the fenders' Fork bracket down @ 6" to lower front fender and block more spray. Not in pic, is flat plastic fender fabbed' for rear tire spray. haev fun . . .
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    Fortnine study: Are electric bikes more dangerous than motorcycles?

    $ .02 more from rural NY area: I've owned my Class-3 Moped since 1977 and a PAS E-Bike for @ 1 year. 'Always felt the 30+ MPH Moped was much more dangerous than the Motorcycles I've also ridden. Not so with the E-Bikes mandated PAS - 20 MPH max . Typical 40-55MPH local roads meant the Moped...
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    Are you going to ride in snow?

    When on an E-bike or any bike, is another story altogether. Perhaps if I tried it with the studded tires, ... always rode bikes to school back in the mid 20'th century. 'Balloon tire' Schwinn, Columbia or Ward JC's, we would wrap cord / balebinding around the wheel/tires in winter. Rollfast ...