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    Hydra ! My Turn

    November 23, order #1183
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    Hydra ! My Turn

    Mine is in transit. Expected delivery is sometime next week.
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    Hydra ! My Turn

    Congratulations! It is a great looking bike and I like the contrast between the Midnight Bronze and the orange fork. Hopefully, I will get mine sometime in June. Let us know how it performs.
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    The Hydra has landed!!!

    Great looking bike and I love the colour. Congratulations!!
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    My Hydra has Arrived!

    Congratulations!! It is a beautiful bike. I ordered the exact same options as yours. Now, I can't wait......
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    Hydra Build Pics???

    Mine was ordered on 11/23 as well
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    Hydra Build Pics???

    Nice color. Congrats! Is the front fork the Mezzer Pro?
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    Frey CC

    Hi Taylor. Congratulations on your CC; it is a great bike. After 1,500 miles, I am still just as excited to ride it as the first day. To answer your questions: 1. I was also hesitant to open a hole in the grip for a mirror attachment. So, I am using one of those smaller mirrors that you attach...
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    Thank you for the updates!
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    Any interest in supporting a new product launch (scale up)?

    Hi Pushkar. Just to confirm that I am interested in supporting the new product launch. Please keep me in the loop for further information and thank you to keep raising the bar of excellence for the e-MTB industry.
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    Frames, Frames, where art thou?

    I have the same question. I have added few new options since the original order and a confirmation of the latest build would be useful. Thank you Pushkar.
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    1/19 Update on timelines and Shipping

    Thank you for the update. Much appreciated!
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    Watt Wagons new display - colors and UI layout feedback

    That's great. I love it. Thank you!
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    Watt Wagons new display - colors and UI layout feedback

    It is not clear if battery voltage is there as well. I find it to be a useful indicator.
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    Order Placed - Hydra

    The resilience of carbon eMTB bikes is a valid question. I have followed a few of the Exess carbon e-bike videos, which is essentially the Travalanche. It appears to handle very rough terrain quite well and it gives me confidence that it will handle the kind of trails I am interested in. Here is...