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    Winter Riding

    Thanks Chris Nolte
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    Winter Riding

    Had anyone in here ridden electric bike in the winter? Would like to hear your experience. Thank you.
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    Hybrid electric scooter

    It's a very good deal for a scooter like this. It's amazing for the structure and features, and the price is just $2700. It really is amazing! It looks very nice. However, many electric bikes are so expensive because they are cool, delicate and tough at the same time, and almost as powerful...
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    New here, would like to say hello to everyone

    Hi @Cnugget I've been using it everyday, for going to work mainly. The paths I ride are not rough. I enjoy it very much. Too bad winter is coming soon. I will have to put it away. I've converted a regular bike to be an electric one and put two winter tires on it. It's very strong and nice...
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    New here, would like to say hello to everyone

    There are 26" electric folding bikes. I see there's one kind on now on sale for US $756.99. It's bigger and heavier, I guess. It seems nice and has 5 stars rating by 3 people. It's just not brand name and only 250W, so it may not be very cool as some others. You get what you...
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    New here, would like to say hello to everyone

    Hi BowtieDuck again, I don't know if you would prefer Urban or Yukon. An Urban is good in a way that it is foldable and lighter, so you can put it in the trunk of a suv or a small car easily. A Yukon is stronger because it's a fat bike and has higher power battery (500W). It looks masculine...
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    New here, would like to say hello to everyone

    So far so good. I've been riding it for only four months now. I don't ride it much, just from home to work and back every day for less than 15 km each day. Have no problem going up hills. The fastest I went a few times was up to 29 km/h. I don't have the need for speed or to see how tough...
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    Hey, I forgot to introduce myself :)

    An awesome bike! Thank you for sharing. Do you have much snow in the winter in your city/town? If you do, I think a pair of winter/studded wheels may help. I'm planning to ride my ebike this winter too - first year. I'm a little bit scared. But you don't know how it's like until you try...
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    front hub

    Three weeks ago I bought a Powerful 36/48V 500W 8Fun BaFang Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit Ebike for less than $350.00 and a 36V 14Ah battery for $248.00 on Both of them were delivery by Fedex in a couple days. You can request to the seller what size of the wheel you...
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    Friends Don't Let Friends Ride E-Bikes

    Buy an ebike conversion kit (front wheel or rear wheel) on ebay or aliexpress and converse your regular bike to an ebike. It's not too expensive. I did mine and am very happy with it.
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    Need advice from the pros

    In addition to David Miller's post regarding the link to find a good ebike, I think you need to buy winter tires/studded tires. Here's a link I find it helpful: I'm planning to ride my ebike this winter. It's going to be my first...
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    ebike conversion kits

    Thanks to and Berry78 for your replies.
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    Specialized SWorks - FSR XC - Year 2000- want to add BBSHD - help

    That's a nice bike. Hill Topper Bike Kit could be nice if you want to converse it to an ebike. The kit ranges from $499.00 - $1049.00. You may want to look at this site
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    ebike conversion kits

    I was planning to converse my 26" wheels regular bicycle to an ebike. I bought LCD+Disc+ Front 36V 800W Electric Bicycle Hub Motor Brushless Conversion Kit 26" and 36v 20ah LiFePO4 Battery 5A Charger BMS E Bike Rechargeable Powerful USE 800W But now I read the bicycle laws in my city, and...
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    I'm 84, I need to buy an electric bike.

    Hi Charlie, I don't know if you've bought an ebike yet. If not yet, I suggest you go to (this dealer is in Bristish Columbia, Canada) to have a look and see the reviews for yourself. I'm not a dealer, not a friend with the dealer. I just bought a Voltbike Urban from...