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    The best bike lock in the world? KITACO TDZ-12

    I bet a $25 angle grinder from harbor freight can lay waste to it
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    TÉO EBR Review - good one.

    Your controller paired to a 500w or 750w motor, the wattage on the motor doesn't really mean all that much. Since this controller pumps out 10a continuous and 20a peak paired with the 48v battery than it is your bike is putting out between 480-960 watts (peak). The controller and battery...
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    question on battery care and charging

    You should probably use the forum search function for this question which get asked all the time
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    Powerful Fat Tire E-bike w/ Torque sensor from Juiced Bikes

    Agreed! Almost all of these small ebike companies are all using off the shelf products with just a few customizations here and there to make them somewhat their own. If you look at most of the specs on these bikes from different companies, you will definitely notice a similarity in components...
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    The Fold, was it rushed to market too fast?

    My $3000 Easy Motion bike had a faulty LCD clip so it fell out and broke, so what's your point - that no other ebikes have defects or issues?
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    Another high-power Biktrix Fat bike coming: Juggernaught (BBS) HD

    Good offering from Biktrix, looks to compete against the Juiced Hyperfat at around a similar price point though it is mid-drive vs rear hub. Overall, the Hyperfat, at least on paper, is still a better ebike
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    Front Tire of CrossCurrent Air Isn't Smooth

    NYC, aren't ebikes illegal there?
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    CrossCurrent S - New Model

    Yes, perhaps biting off more than Juiced can chew in it's current capacity to launch so many new ebikes too quickly, continuously changing specs during production instead of having them finalized before offering product for pre-order, delayed shipping and delivery and poor communication and...
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    Who is , or will be , the Dell of ebikes ?

    Of course they're cheap bikes, that was the original intention. Everyone is selling a 2K-3K+ ebike. Why would he want to do the same thing? He wanted to bring something affordable to the masses and he did. To many, he introduced them to their first ebikes and many have gone on to purchase...
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    Who is , or will be , the Dell of ebikes ?

    What do you fu**ing expect from a $500 ebike? You didn't know better? Why not, it was a freaking $500 electric powered ebike. You can't even buy a decent fat bike under $1500 alone. In a world high-priced ebikes, he brought something affordable to the masses to some who might not have even...
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    Best Electric Bikes Under $1000?

    Sondors X fat with 7-speed shimano upgrade. Comes with 500w 48v 17aH battery, best deal for around $1000
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    Charging after "each and every use"?

    Charge it to 100% if you are going to use it soon after (within a few days), if you're storing it long term do around 60%. If you really want to baby it, charge to 80% using Satiator charger or use a timer. Otherwise don't worry about it and enjoy you bike. Too many people get too anal about...
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    Who is , or will be , the Dell of ebikes ?

    I have 2 Sondors. Yes, the quality of components was not great but for a $694 (inc shipping) ebike and the $300 in upgrades I put into them, the ebikes have been remarkably reliable. The only real issue I have had is with the freewheel and one of the crank arms which I replaced. I agree with...
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    Who is , or will be , the Dell of ebikes ?

    I see your point but on the flip side having a dedicated, active community is far more useful than if he had 20 customer service people. Facebook is 24/7, the support to questions and issues is almost immediate, the price is right and you can't get that from a standard customer service model...
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    2018 BH E-bike Models what do you think?!

    I have built a few bikes with BBSHD drives and 52v batteries