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    The new turbo Vado 2017

    Thanks for finding all this. Are dealers expected to reach out to owners to let them know about this change? I'm glad Specialized is finally making good on the app working with their flagship road/commuter bike. The display certainly seems a step backward from the BLOKS color, high resolution...
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    Hello Turbo Vado friends everywhere / 2019 Range / Missing App!!

    Is there a practical difference between the 2018 & 2019 displays? They look the same in the photos on Specialized's site
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    2019 Vado 6 vs older

    The BT function in the BLOKS will go away with the next firmware update to it. See this thread for more info: Mission Control Documentation and Support There was the promise of lots of connectivity, cross-connection with Strava, maps, and more, and that's all dead now for the Vado line.
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    2019 Vado 6 vs older

    You're not missing anything from the "horn" - it's pretty anemic. I got a Spurcycle bell and it's plenty loud to be heard even at speed. Agree on the support for the BLOKS as I imagine that's pretty integral to the bike function. From a prior posting they are in receivership, so not clear if...
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    2019 Vado 6 vs older

    As mentioned in other threads, all references to the Mission Control app are scrubbed from both the 2019 and from the 2017/8 model pages. 2019 Vado page 2017/8 Vado page Differences for 2019 Motor is Specialized 1.3, Custom Rx Street Tuned Motor, 250W Nominal, was Specialized 1.2 S, Custom...
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    Mission Control Documentation and Support

    There was an update to the app on Android to version 2.0.5. Still nothing about connecting with Vado. Release notes only say: Interestingly, the notes also say, emphasis mine: Now, the Vado is labeled "Turbo" all over the frame. So what are they doing to address compatibility with their...
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    Vado 6.0 Software Update changes

    When my bike was in for service they applied a software update. It didn't get Mission Control working (see this thread for the sad saga that says as of now that will probably never happen) However one addition was a third screen on the BLOKS you can leave permanently showing while in motion...
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    Mission Control Documentation and Support

    @Douglas Ruby where did you see the news about BLOKS going under? I have a Vado and when I first received it tried to use it with app, as described on the website, in the bike instructions, and from my dealer. I found the bike (or more accurately the BLOKS controller) was visible as a Bluetooth...