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    Anyone have a Rad Mini Step Thru in LA that I can test drive?

    Velofix will bring you models to test ride, I don't know if they have a mini or even mini step-thru though. I rode a RadWagon before getting my city.
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    Ortlieb Back-Roller fit on Rad City

    I've had my Ibera panniers for over a year now with no real issues other than they have scratched a lot of the finish off of the rack since they just have simple plastic hangers. They hold up well in the rain and have good storage space and were significantly cheaper than Ortliebs.
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    Upgraded my brake calipers w/ TRP cable actuated hydraulic disc brakes

    They look like the same connector. Anyone brave enough to try? :D I'm really sick of the lousy braking action on my bike, even with the TRP Spykes. I didn't change the cable to Jagwire (my LBS said don't bother) so I don't know if that would make a really big difference.
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    New RAD Pricing!

    I climb two big streets every day and have to pop into 1 on the stock freewheel on my 2018 and I don't think the 30 cog would work for me compared to the stock 34. I wish Rad would sell us the DNP 11-34T they are putting on the 2019s. The 14 cog is worthless for pedaling above 22/23mph :(
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    Rear Wheel Drag

    I get motor resistance when I go around 26+mph that feels like the regen kicking in but the display shows 0 watts. Not sure what it is but it's definitely mechanical braking from the controller or something otherwise the bike would continue accelerating. It's pretty annoying, honestly but is...
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    New Rover

    They told me they won't be offering any of the 2019 parts for current owners. That includes the freewheel and wired rear light, sadly.
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    trp spykes or spyres

    Spyres are for road bikes and Spykes are for mountain bikes from the research I did (they have different actuation methods). You want Spykes.
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    On the fence about about the 2019 rad mini or rip current ?

    A torque sensor is more like a motorless bike while a cadence sensor is kind of like an on/off switch in terms of power delivery. A torque sensor will feel more natural to a newcomer to electric bikes. Cadence sensors just take a little getting used to. I prefer torque sensors myself, but they...
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    The real deal?

    I should mention that the Rad Bikes really are still basic bikes and any bike shop should be able to work on all the mechanical functions of the bike. Even though there may not be an electric bike store, don't worry about not having that nearby as much as a regular bike shop. The electronics...
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    The real deal?

    Pedego was the first brand I rode. They are nice bikes but I feel they are very overpriced for what they are. You're better off with a Bosch or Brose bike in that price range. The RBP bikes compete with Juiced and other "mid-range" manufactures. I feel they are good for their price and are...
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    2018 Radcity brakes

    A bunch of us upgraded to TRP Spyke mechanicals and it makes a pretty big difference. Nothing like hydro brakes, but you can keep your levers and motor inhibitors.
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    Just ordered my Rover....

    The Spanninga Axendo 60s on the 2018 bikes are dramatically better than the Kendo that came with the 2016 bikes. I find it to be almost enough for most night riding. I have a Fly12CE on the front that adds plenty more light that makes me feel like I am driving a car. Spanninga also makes the...
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    Integrated brake light

    I hate to rain on the parade here, but I was pretty excited at the thought of retrofitting my 2018 with the 2019 freewheel and brake light. I emailed Rad Support about it today and was told they won't be offering either options for our older models. I'm really bummed, they are two of the gripes...
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    plug and play hydraulic swap for the Rad

    How was swapping it out on your radrover? Did you have to do anything with the cable and ferrules?
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    plug and play hydraulic swap for the Rad

    I was told that getting the Spykes on my RadCity would have little difference over the Tektros it comes with and that if I did want to upgrade the brakes, I should get Hydro brakes instead and not waste the money on mechanical. Take that with a grain of salt, but there's definitely a noticeable...