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    any other foot-forward bikes besides magnum and townie?

    Day 6 makes a nice pedal forward fat tire called the Behemoth. It would sit you low to the ground, with the handlebars in a comfortable position. The seat is supposedly very comfortable. Their pricing is just too high for their electric model. You could buy the acoustic model and maybe add a...
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    The next (new) juiced bike . Juiced scorpion

    Did you prefer the Rad Mini or the Veego 750 if you were going to purchase one?
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    Why I won't buy another Rad Power bike (aka support your local bike shop)

    Stories such as yours make me want to buy a Pedego. I know they are expensive but at least they have a shop to do the repairs. I’m disabled and would not be able to do even small repairs. From what I’ve read on these forums it’s hit or miss buying a problem free ebike.
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    E-trike for relatively short trips with some cargo capacity for 70+ year old

    Thanks for your post. Since you’ve been riding electric trikes for awhile, do you notice any problems with them being “tippy” or unstable when riding normally?
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    E-trike for relatively short trips with some cargo capacity for 70+ year old

    Do they have a website? Is that electric
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    Unexpected error

    I'm still getting the unexpected error message when trying to read the ebike reviews on my iPad and iPhone. Is anyone else still having this problem?
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    Magnum's New Line up for 2019

    The new models are not on their website. Is the low-rider a pedal forward with a low seat?
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    Magnum 2019 vs 2018 Premium bike

    That's a shame if they don't sell that Ranger. It looked like a nice concept. Pedal forward with fat tires. I haven't found a company that makes an ebike like that.
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    Magnum 2019 vs 2018 Premium bike

    Is the Magnum Ranger for sale? I saw this model on an Interbike You Tube video. I don't see the Ranger on the Magnum website.