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    eTap for Allant+?

    I upgraded my xm700+ to an Allant+ 9.9S last year and am curious if it's possible (or feasible) to upgrade it to an eTap shifting setup? Thanks!
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    Used Trek 2017 xm700+ $1450 OBO Metro Detroit area

    I upgraded to an Allant+ 9.9S recently and am looking to sell my trusty xm700+. I'm the original owner. It's a 28 mph s-pedelec ebike targeted at commuters: It has a low cycle 400wh battery, as the...
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    The Rise of Electric Scooters.

    I've ridden them around Austin and Detroit and liked it a lot. My only real concern is there's no easy way to get a helmet unless you remember to bring one. Not sure how to solve that issue though. Sure it's not a class 3 pedelec, but what is? :)
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    Bosch Problem - 500 error code, all battery lights blinking

    I have an issue with my xm700+ where the computer is displaying a 500 error and all battery lights blink together every second or so. The bike is completely unpowered and won't allow me to change from off to eco or higher. Yesterday, it started to intermittently cut power, so I lightly scuffed...
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    I'm currently planning on buying a Domane+, but that iGo bike looks pretty awesome. My only worry is service and parts. I assume iGo mainly sells direct? My LBS makes that stuff pretty easy through Trek.
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    Actually, ebikes will get you much LESS exercise

    Exactly. On my current daily commute into downtown detroit, it used to take me an hour or like 1.25 hours to get to the office and back (each way). On my Trek spedelec, it takes usually 35-40 minutes and I've hit 28 minutes already on a great day (all green lights, no obstructions). Driving...
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    Actually, ebikes will get you much LESS exercise

    I'm a full time road commuter and I'd say I do get less exercise on my spedelec over my old commuter bike (given the same ride duration). I think it has to do mainly with acceleration. On my regular bike, every time you have to stop it takes a lot of effort to get back up to speed. Whereas the...
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    How Many Have Received Fines for Class 3?

    I was pulled over once in the Detroit area. The cops mainly seemed to be interested in how I was doing almost 30mph after a decent snowfall. The cops just asked "Does that thing have a motor in, man?" and I explained what it was (spedelec). No ticket, they gave me a perplexed look and said be...
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    ebikes need more torque IMO

    Bosch has this with the Performance (28 mph limit, 63nm torque) vs Performance CX (20 mph limit, 75nm torque).
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    5000 miles, xm700+

    Might just be the run of forks that I got. If you notice any play in the wheel when riding, get it checked ASAP.
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    5000 miles, xm700+

    The fork disconnected from the handlebars while I was riding it, causing total loss of control. Trek has replaced mine under warranty. My old one always made a pinging noise on rough roads but so far the new one doesn't. The shop told me some kind of rubber boot was damaged or wore out inside...
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    5000 miles, xm700+

    Nice! Have you had to replace your front fork yet? I had to replace mine at 1700 miles.