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    Fortunately, these are not Averton Pace bikes and you do not need to pedal before engaging the throttle. You can throttle from a stop or at any speed less than you have the governor set.
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    The throttle is sensitive to how far it traverses, not pressure, but yes, if you push it slightly, it helps slightly. If you depress the entire way, it gives you full throttle. By default, it provides 100% available power regardless of the PAS setting, so it would behave the way you have...
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    Fenders for Model C

    The "flying fender" is a "feature" of the model R. The model C definitely accommodates the normal fenders with suspension, maybe it's an option when purchasing.
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    Model R reviews/opinions?

    The Model R by default is a Class 2 (20mph throttle/PAS combo), however could be changed via configuration to conform to Class 3, or as you point out a Class 3 hybrid of 28mph and throttle. The bike uses cadence sensor for the pedal assist. While I've not tried the R, my model (S) uses the...
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    7 gears or direct

    If your intention is to ride the 110 miles, then absolutely you want the 7 gear option. Even with both batteries, that milage is based on mostly riding in PAS 1. Between the two batteries, you'll have around 30ah. So figure that equates to 1,630wh, which means you could in theory ride the...
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    Is anyone trying to solve charging on the road?

    I've not tried using the charger while moving (charging the standby battery), I've only used it so far when stationary and clear, and under those conditions, there have been no cutoffs. When I get back on the road I'll get some more real world numbers (bringing a multimeter and some other...
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    Is anyone trying to solve charging on the road?

    I tried to split the difference in my mounting. I used aluminum bar for the front and back, allowed the panel to bend in the middle, and am using 550 cord to maintain tension so that vibration and stress is transferred mostly to the aluminum. These were designed for sailboats and other...
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    Is anyone trying to solve charging on the road?

    So I'm attempting to ride up the Southern California coast, some hotels, hopefully some campgrounds, probably some wild camping, and as much solar charging as I can fit in. I have a Renogy 160w panel and an MPT-7210a charge controller to charge my 17.2ah 48v bike battery, and my 18ah 36v...
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    30,000 Kilometer Check-In

    Now that I hit the 2 1/2 year mark, the battery is starting to feel a little long in the tooth. That being said, I would estimate the current capacity to be around 21 miles throttle, or maybe around 550-600 watt hours. This from an original 841 whr capacity, so not terrible degradation. The...
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    Model S battery removal...

    So, I know for my bike, the battery is "Snug", and by snug, I mean my wife has to hold onto the front handlebars while I give the ol' heave ho to remove the battery. The locking mechanism works by raising a metal cylinder up and down into an indent into the battery from the bottom, so there are...
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    Tire Comparison

    I'm with the group on this one, specifically on the EBC I have found the performance of the Marathon GT Tour to be superior to the others listed, and the puncture resistance has been fantastic. Tire feel can be subjective, but let's not quibble on facts and if you are going to do a comparison...
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    Some pics of my Electric Bike Company model C in the wild, and chained my seat

    You sold me on the chaining the seat; I found a $10 Kryptonite cable and a combo lock; nothing to stop a serious thief but enough to keep the average viewer honest.
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    2 Model S Electric Bike Company are being built for us now

    roxinred, I'm fairly sure I've put more miles on an EBC bike than anyone else, and I can say the bike doesn't suffer from any "gotchas", which are what people tend to report here. I mean, I've had flat tires, I've had to replace chains, cables & some parts related to the crank (I'm not the most...
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    Some pics of my Electric Bike Company model C in the wild, and chained my seat

    I went and got the Bodyfloat post so my butt's resting on about $325 total so I'm going to do "Something" similar pretty quick. Thanks for the inspiration!
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    Some pics of my Electric Bike Company model C in the wild, and chained my seat

    On the chain part, I've never seen anything like that. Is that theft deterrent for the seat, or strictly decorative?