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  • I have no idea - major global bike deployment for one man - will revolutionise every Company worldwide, they can sack all staff
    areas of my life but i'll still keep an eye on this - cannot see Sondors not doing something at least - how he hopes to pull this off????
    Hi Mike the abuse, insults and false accusations about being a paid troll just got to me, you are right I need to concentrate on other
    soon... Have you seen the Reddit list of failed CF's? Same story repeated over and over... many started with good intentions...
    Good luck Mike
    people are out there and funny, how defensive and nasty they get when you point out the obvious... But, for your own sanity, I think the public comments need to slow down... you may even be helping these morally bereft a-holes, by pointing out trade laws... These guys are going to crash and burn very
    I am also feeling lousy... headcold... I noticed you got banned from the IGG comment page... not surprised... You touched a lot of nerves... You are a great consumer advocate... I was 15 minutes away from throwing $998-???? away... Until I started researching/verifying. It's amazing how many gullible..
    I'll be online for another couple of hours i guess, I am poorly and have been bed-ridden, I'll keep checking this page to see if ur back
    EU, Is this the place where private messages are started? I'd like to have a quick private chat.. thanks
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