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    Convert my 80s Peugeot to electric or get a new electric?

    PedalUma: I've told you this before, but the ebikes you make look incredible. I'd love to try one someday. I've been meaning to ask you this for a while: how would you respond to somebody who says that ebikes need to be built different than regular bikes, and that transforming a regular bike...
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    The all new Stromer ST5 ABS

    Okay, Court says the bike is one of the fastest accelerating bikes he's ever ridden. Yet this bike only has 48nm of torque. I was told by an ebike store owner in Vancouver that watts is overrated and a bikes acceleration/power really comes down to nm of torque. So either I misunderstood, or...
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    Zen Samurai Pre-order is now LIVE

    This is great news. Congrats Ravi and team. A generation 4 (85nm) class 3 Bosch motor with belt drive and Enviolo internally geared hub for $3900? That's a ridiculously good price. I just signed up for a preorder. Can you tell us anything about the custom suspension seatpost Zen created for...
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    Zen Shakti - pictures

    Wow, that's a really beautiful bike!
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    Priority Bicycles just launched the most affordable Gates belt mid-drive e-bike

    Is what priority told you accurate? I figured that with an ebike one should still use gears like on a traditional bike, but that you could safely use the higher assist levels all you want without concern of harming the ebike. i don’t have an ebike yet, and I don’t know the answer. Can somebody...
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    Helios refund

    For what it’s worth, I found this thread interesting and enlightening.
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    Cannondale Quick Neo SL2 X35

    A truly beautiful, stealthy ebike. Congrats!
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    Proud new Gazelle C8 Owner

    What a beautiful bike! Congrats on this exciting purchase. You should consider writing your own mini-review in this thread or on the forum. I'd be very interested in reading about your experience with the Gazelle C8 once you put some more miles on it.
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    Enviolo vs Rohloff E14

    And here's Chris from Propel discussing the Enviolo system in depth: "I think if somebody asked me what my favorite drive train for electric bikes right now, it would probably be this: enviolo"
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    Why did you buy a Riese & Müller?

    This thread might interest you, donoharm:
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    Enviolo vs Rohloff E14

    A relevant thread discussing how Rohloff E14 is disappointingly loud in gears 1-7 (especially 7):
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    Has anyone tried a Badass 4 speed unlock?

    This is interesting and might be useful to those in Canada (our ebikes are often limited to 30km/h, which is a bummer).
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    Enviolo vs Rohloff E14

    Nice video by Chris from Propel discussing the Rohloff E14 (and briefly the enviolo system as well). A useful addition to the conversation:
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    Bulls or Gazelle?

    Just on these forums. Make a thread like you did here, reviewing the bike and discussing your experience (pros, cons, surprises, etc). I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate it. Thanks in advance! :)
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    Bulls or Gazelle?

    That’s a very well reviewed bike, Wee! Great choice. I hope you find time to write a quick review on this bike after you put some miles on it. I’d be very interested in hearing your thoughts!