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    These ebikes are tougher than we think.

    @m@Robertson, never opened up my motor, nor do I ever plan to. If it ain't broke, don't break it. As an update, yesterday was our first full day of sunshine in a while with temps in the low 80's, probably warmer in the sun. Most of the water evaporated in the display and I am sure it will be...
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    These ebikes are tougher than we think.

    It seems like every few weeks (days?) someone posts about rain and ebikes. This is my third season to take my ebike to the North Carolina rain forest and by far the wettest. I have been through countless rain storms with the bike unprotected on the rack. I have ridden through mud, creeks...
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    Trouble finding someone to work on your ebike

    A couple of years ago, I had a blowout on my rear tire. The first ebike dealer I called closest to my condo in Englewood, FL told me they would only work on brands they sold. Then started to lecture me on why I should buy local. I found a dealer in Punta Gorda that would do it, but they also...
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    Can An EBike Travel On A Bike Rack In The Rain?

    I guess I have just been lucky. My bike has traveled thousands of miles uncovered on a rack behind my truck or travel trailer through all sorts of weather. I have ridden it through rain, sand, mud, streams, and flooded paths. I don't cover anything and leave the battery in it. I occasionally...
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    Step-through, 20” fat tire, less than 2k

    I think it is called a Black Widow. It is actually a dirt bike rack that weighs only 34 pounds but can carry 400 pounds. You would need a 2” receiver on your vehicle. I use cinch straps to secure the bike, much easier than ratchet straps and just as secure. I bought it either from Amazon or...
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    Step-through, 20” fat tire, less than 2k

    I really like my VeeGo 750. Bought March, 2019, but only have a little over 900 miles on it. Customer support is excellent. All emails have been answered within twenty-four hours and usually the same day. The only option you really need is a suspension seat post.
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    Looking for Suggestions on an ebike for hunting

    Diggz, lightweight and e-bikes are an oxymoron. My bike weighs close to 70 lbs. I went with 20" tires so I could put a foot down without having to lean the bike over, which was important to me especially with a load on the rear rack. Occasionally, a twig or stick will get caught in a fender...
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    Looking for Suggestions on an ebike for hunting

    My primary purpose for buying an e-bike was hunting. I am 73 years old, a buck-forty on a heavy day and 5'9" on a tall day, so your needs may differ from mine. After approaching paralysis by analysis, my mental list of wants/needs in no particular order was: 1. Step thru frame. While I can...
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    Bike riding etiquette

    I have only ridden my bike in FL, GA, and NC. Maybe it is a southern thing, but almost all bikers, pedestrians, and even motor cycles I have encountered or passed either acknowledge or initiate a greeting or wave. Many bikers and pedestrians I pass say thank you when I ring the bell and announce.
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    How many bike shops near you remain out of stock on bikes or ebikes ?

    Took my grandson's acoustic bike in to a shop in Carrollton, GA for service. Owner and two tech's were working six days a week trying to keep wait time down to one week. He had zero new bikes of any kind in inventory and did not know when the next shipment would be. LBS in Winter Haven FL has...
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    I will be getting one of these!

    Like it. Only complaints are proprietary charge cable and no way to tell charge level.
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    Misleading Motor Information

    I think the real issue is peak vs nominal power. Most vendors do not differentiate in their specifications. My bike is 750W nominal and over 1100W peak. I suspect that most 500W nominal motors could achieve 750W peak, but unless the vendor identifies whether their rating is peak or nominal...
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    LBS won't service e-bike...

    My experience with three different LBS's. 1. I bought my wife a cheap 20" folder for Christmas 2018. Went to the only LBS in our city to buy a helmet and accessories. I inquired about ebikes as I was looking for a 20" fat tire step through class 2 or 3. They sell ebikes, but had none in...
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    Help Choose EBike for Short Person 4’11 Looking for Low Saddle Height

    I have the 750, but am trying to talk my wife into getting one of these. I have had it for over a year, and customer service has been superb.
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    I never saw this before.

    Speed limits make a lot more sense than class limits. Prohibiting bikes with throttles is just another instance of bureaucratic ignorance. The few MUP's I have ridden that had speed limits were in high traffic areas. The few trails I have ridden that allowed equestrian riders simply weren't...