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    Vintage Electric Cruz Video Review

    i do not understand why all cables are still outside and not integrated in the frame....if the bike gets wet this is a real problem! Especially the cables that run to the motor, are very vulnerable. I had to retrofit all the cables on my etracker to stay safe in the rain.
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    Vintage ElectricEbike may be my next commuter ebike

    hi there, i own two Vintage Electric Etrackers and would like to share my experience. The bikes are really beautiful, headturners and expensive, but unfortunately not roadprooven. You can buy them for places where it never rains, indoor circuits or your Museum. Here is why: - The...
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    hi from Lanzarote

    hi all, i am Robert from Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands in front of Africa. I am a green living enthusiast. Our house is powered by the sun and we are running a paragliding school in Famara. We have two Vintage Electric Etracker bikes and as you can imagine now that they are 4 years old...