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    How heavy is your eBike, and do you care?

    About 43lbs with battery. Used to care, but don’t anymore.
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    Magnum Electric Bikes Store Tour in Utah

    Great video, good to get a peek behind the scenes. Got my Ui6 August 16th of last year. I have enjoyed 4000+ trouble free miles. Bought it from a LBS, and never had to use the warranty but was glad it was there. I think Magnum is the best bang for the buck in eBikes. There are better bikes, but...
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    Do you actually USE the gears on your e-bike?

    I shift gears fairly often to keep Cadence up. Mashing the pedals is not really the best for the bike, or your legs.
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    "Bicycles have their proper place, and that place is under small boys delivering evening papers."

    Fun article, thanks for posting! A buddy and I would walk to a corner store about 6 blocks from home (raised in ST Louis) . We woul pick up enough soda bottles on the way (2 cents per bottle) to get candy. We were Kings!
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    Am I particularly unlucky?

    Yes, you are unlucky. That would be unacceptable to me, unless it was a very low end bike. I would not buy that brand again for sure. In 4000+ mile I have replaced the brake pads twice (lots of stop and go riding), that’s it. Everything on the bike is original just as it came from the dealer. I...
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    E-bike subscription service. Any takers?

    Zero interest from me. I like the bike I have.
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    Who's ebike riding could ALL be done on a regular bike?

    I simply cannot ride a road bike anymore because of the riding position. But, I could replace my eBike with a decent hybrid, and ride pretty much the way I ride now. I just don’t want to. :) The fun and safety factors keep my on my eBike.
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    Got my Magnum Ui6 - includes periodic updates

    4000 mile update All good. Going to replace the brake pads as soon as they arrive, and probably the rear tire in the next 1000 miles or so. Did a long ride a few weeks ago and still get 60+ miles on a charge (PAS 2/3). Still all original, and no issues. Still very happy with my purchase:)
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    58 miles!

    Ui6, and very satisfied.
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    58 miles!

    A big surprise to me was the real life range of my Magnum. Even after over a year and 4000 miles, I went 62 miles last Saturday and was on the last bar. When i bought the bike, I had hopes for 40 miles when new, and down there as time and miles past. I was happily wrong.
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    Chain stretch

    When I had road bikes I always got at least 5000 miles. I’m at around 4000 now on my eBike, and still perfect. I ride pavement only, never clean the chain, and lube with Blaster dry lube from Lowes. It is just a cheap lube, not marketed for bikes, but after 10 years Of excellent results I’m not...
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    Police Harassment

    I look like a dotk with, or without, a helmet. So it doesn’t bother me. The main reason I wear one is because I like my helmet mirror, secondary Reason is the potential safety benefit. Just like seat belts, airbags and safety shoes, in certain unusual circumstances a helmet could do more harm...
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    Saw lots of ebikes the past few days and a jerk on an A2B

    I disagree with your throttle opinion, but thought I’d share an opinion of my own. If you want to eBike/commute faster than 30mph, buy a small electric motorcycle.
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    How Do I Clean My NEW EBIKE?

    As in most thing for me, I keep it simple. Bucket of plain water, soft rag.
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    At What Price .......?

    $2000 Buy from a local bike store if at all possible. My Magnum Ui6 was $1700 out the door, a year and 3,600 miles later I’m still loving it and no issues. I ride very upright, ride on light traveled roads/streets and rarely a short distance on large shoulder of highway. For my safety I stay...