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    E-bikes need more exposure

    I was in Cape May NJ last week and like you, I didn't see many e-bikes. But the one guy i saw when i asked him about his was very eager to talk about it and seemed thankful that he had a like minded person to talk with.
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    E-bikes need more exposure

    I was watching the tour de france last week and trek ran a commercial where you win a trek e-bike. the commentators even elaborated on e-bikes a bit after the ad ran. so that was something - even though it was the tour de france and on a somewhat obscure sports channel. It was still nice to see...
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    Future prices of ebikes?

    The prices seem to be going up and up before any tariffs get put in place. I was away the past 3 weeks so just checked out some of the new bike reviews at EBR. Most are $3000 and up. So, I guess they're getting a head start.
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    How do you raise the handlebars on an Easy Motion 27.5?

    Cool. Thanks for the tip. Will check into this further. It definitely seems easier than growing longer arms.
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    How do you raise the handlebars on an Easy Motion 27.5?

    Not exactly sure how to do this. Though I admit I haven't really looked at it very closely. I'm debating if I need a slight adjustment or not. I see the screws for tilting and all of that. The bike shop will do it for free but it's 20 miles away. Appreciate any info.
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    Who has had premature drivetrain failures with a Mid drive ?

    Brilliant! I still don't see all the hub bub about mid-drives. Every time I watch one of Court's reviews, it seems like the gears with mid drive motors are making crunching sounds. It just sounds to me like something wants to break. My hub motors are quiet and peaceful.
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    User manual says....

    It's technically not a flaw. The older bikes had "eco", "sport", and a couple of other modes. the newer Easy Motion's now just say 30%, 50%,75%,100%, at least the two i have. 75% seems quicker than 100%. I suspect it's just the way it senses the torque sensors in that mode. Kinda like shifting...
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    Display Question

    That's right. Forgot about that. I'll delete my above msg.
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    Riding an e-bike in "no-assist" mode - how heavy is ok?

    My bike is 43# without the battery. my rack is rated for 40# per bike. it's a 2 bike rack. so i do use it without problems. my other bike is 53# without the battery. i haven't tried that one on the rack and probably won't. and i definitely wouldn't put both on at the same time. if you have a...
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    Got a New Evo Snow 29er 48v

    Nice. i like the 29 'ers. had to get a 27.5 due to my short legs. nice color. i've only seen the blue and dayglo yellow one. looks like matt grayish color. i have tesla in my neighborhood with a matt gray paint job looks good. good luck with it. oh! and you're right about the seat. it will...
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    Recommendation for bike wheel light (school Electric Light Parade)

    try Monkey Bike lights. you can see them on youtube. i don't have any direct experience with them but they look cool, seem easy to install (there's a how to vid on youtube), and not that expensive. i think you can find them on amazon. many different configurations. i think if i rode my bike...
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    Anyone know of a rear bike rack that works with Tesla Model S?

    the other thing is the weight of the e-bike. many are 60 lbs or more. it would be hard to find any trunk rack that would be rated for that amount of weight. my bikes are 50 and 43 lbs without the batteries. i would never try to rack them both at the same time. that's kind of pushing it. the...
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    Anyone know of a rear bike rack that works with Tesla Model S?

    Try contacting the rack makers, maybe? like thule, yakima, saris to name a few. there were no racks listed for my subaru tribeca when i first got it because it was a new model at the time and they haven't been tested yet so the car model won't show up in the fit manual. i ended up getting the...
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    Launch of the 2017 North American e-bike survey!

    took the survey. seems very thorough.
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    User manual says....

    75% or "sport mode" seems to have more torque than all the other settings. where as the other modes give you just enough boost to keep you going except the 100% setting which seems a bit more powerful. 75% sport mode just seems to react quicker and with more speed than all the other settings...