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    Stromer ST3 stem and handlebar modifications

    Handlebar came from my garage. If used handlebars were money.........
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    Wren st3 forks for sale in classified!

    I’ll sell forks and stem at 50%+ discount- $500 shipped. Check classified. Pm me.
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    Stromer ST3 stem and handlebar modifications

    i did. And it makes the ride a little more up right. FYI, just about any handlebars will work. I put Handlebars with 3”(75mm) rise and was better for me. you can likely get your desired rise and sweep by just changing bars, and avoid riser swap. As that involves some time.
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    Wren st3 forks for sale in classified!

    New, $750 shipped!
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    Wren/Stromer st3 stem and forks- $500.00

    Brand new, fork has Round steerer and stem has round hole, so handlebars will run straight. $500.00 shipped. $450.00 excluding stem. forks will fit any bike with common specs- Forks will also work on st5, if you have round steerer. pm me.
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    Stromer st3, 150miles, $5300.00 SOLD!

    white, comfort frame, medium size, 150 miles total. Biggest battery up grade, body float seatpost. Bike is absolutely LIKE NEW, plenty of warranty left. Selling because of change in plans. google stromer st3 for more info. Bike is in Mesa, AZ Pick bike up here or Free delivery to SoCal or...
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    Compatible Racks

    Google rack time..... , if you want a oem low key Stromer rack, contact a Stromer dealer. Oem rack is more robust than it appears.
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    Solid-looking new Fenix bike headlight ...

    I’ve had a bc30r. 1600 lumens for a couple years And it’s been solid, still charges up, and I think it’s about 90 minutes at brightest light. ‘I highly recommend their stuff.
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    Zen Shakti - $1990

    I’ll take one once they become available.👍
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    Zen Shakti - $1990

    Planetary gear motor- no matter how well you hide battery_ planetary geared motor is the only stealth ebike drive motor. I like that. Every big earthmover has planetary final drives, suggests they are robust enough for ebike applications. Good choice.
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    Zen Shakti - $1990

    So this is where everybody is. I like everything about it. Especially the builder! All the attributes many of other mfgs only claimed or pretended to have.
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    St3 serious grocery shopping

    I took a old rack time basket and old saddlebags, combined them for ultimate capacity. Even then, I over did it, so hung more off handlebars and limped home. And the st2 with same set-up, but better planning, nothing hanging from handlebars. regardless, doubled carrying capacity.
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    Few questions about new (to me) ST2S

    THAT FIRST PIC IS A VERY IMPORTANT PIECE! It is the mechanical quick disconnect that basically connects wiring into rear hub motor. I thought wires were affixed to that piece and as you removed rear wheel, that piece along with wires stay with bike, and wheel comes off. ‘then, when wheel goes...
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    Wren Forks- LIKE NEW, $400.00 delivered! SOLD

    If English is not your first language, you wouldn’t know there are many words like fork, that are spelled correctly with 2 different spellings. Sometimes it’s confusing for us. If English is your first language- FORK OFF!!!!!!!! You did figure out that there is only 1 set of fork for sale...