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    Spare battery holder.

    Nice idea. That's a lot better than carrying a backpack that can lead to sore shoulders.
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    tools: what do you take on a ride?

    I usually carry a patch kit, tubes, tire pump, tire levers, zip ties, to name a few.
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    Best way to lock a folding ebike?

    Try to check out kryptonite and ABUS locks. Lots of guys here are happy with them.
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    Your favorite bike app?

    RideWithGPS is a good app. Easy to use. Great for navigation and tracking.
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    Bike storage

    Hanging it on the wall sounds like a good idea and it won't take much space.
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    Using a Dashcam as a Bikecam!

    Looks great and functional. I saw the sample captured image and I can say that the quality is quite impressive.
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    Thule Easy Fold bike rack for E-bikes

    I like the design of Thule but it is pretty expensive so I ended up getting the Surco DBR400 at The swing away feature of this bike rack is a major plus because I can easily access the back of my Journey. This rack can also transport up to 4 bikes. Its construction is...
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    awesome bike cover for travelling

    I use a BBQ cover with the of some straps. Cheap but works ok.
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    Seeking Suggestions for tire pump for Fat tires

    The Topeak Turbo Morph Bike Pump is a goo option also. Not too pricey, does the job.
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    Proviz Reflective Jackets - Have any experience?

    The Proviz jacket looks effective but the material doesn't look breathable.
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    Concept e bikes

    Not a concept anymore, but the BMW e bike looks nice, but a little pricey.
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    Water bottle cage for handlebar

    The Minoura Water bottle cage mount looks like a good option also.
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    Powder coating

    Powder coating is durable but durability depends if you have the skills or the shop who will do it is very competent.
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    Don't have the highest lumens, but the Cygolite Expilion is bright enough at night. It has robust construction also.
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    another guy

    Thanks for the welcome! I have a 2015 Dash. I will post pics next time.