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    Ebikeselector - ebike online app

    Registered twice in a row, two different names and emails. At login, both immediately reported name or password is incorrect. I gave up.
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    Synergy Cycle

    Guess what! I think I'll order the folding version. All 3 models got $200 price cuts, shipping extra. This 44 pound e-bike "fits" Santa Fe's narrow, hilly streets, which AIN'T bike friendly despite lies they tell touristas. For me, the price makes the risks worth taking. The emailed specs...
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    Synergy Cycle

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    Synergy Cycle

    I've been riding bicycles recreationally all my life. Starting at your age (60), I transitioned from running 4 miles to swimming one mile. At age 70 I transitioned from swimming to weight machines and since I have done weights 3 times a week, together with biking.
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    Synergy Cycle

    OK, I take your word for it and thank you for posting the info. As always, buyer beware, especially from a little known factory in China. Anyhow, I ain't buying one. I am happily riding my 2015 Pedego Interceptor III, my classic Lightning P-38 recumbent and my fun RANS Dynamik "crank...
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    Synergy Cycle

    So please, who performed anerie (a stupid action), me or thee? Actually, 86er, I enjoy the useful info in your posts, agree with many of your observations and object primarily to your view of what constitutes appropriate profit for sellers.
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    Synergy Cycle

    Website sez 20 mph top speed, see the Oregon website for the sport model @ $1499 plus shipping: >8 degree hill climbing with pedal assistance 20 mile range under good conditions using battery power alone (range is greatly enhanced with pedal assistance) Motor power ... give maximum 20 MPH...
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    Synergy Cycle

    I believe the question very legitimately raised here is whether Opti Bike is selling two of its bike models delivered for $3,000 when smart EBR readers can buy almost the same bike for $1500 plus $200 shipping from Bofeili's vendor in Oregon. Pick up your Bofeili in Oregon and pay no charge for...
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    Easy Motion Evo Street (2015) vs CurrieTech izip E3 Path+ (2015)?

    The following is simply an effort to be helpful. It's IMO, FWIW and YMMV. I will be 87 next February. Height 5"9+, uster be 5'11+. Weight 165. Brain and body work well. Fingers crossed at all times. ;=)) RE: STRENGTH: I've been doing a 45 minute weight machine circuit 3 times a week since...
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    Bike maintenance stand

    Excerpted from Amazon description: Robust engineering allows you to lift heavy bikes -- 75 lbs capacity Safe locking mechanism prevents accidental release
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    niThudbuster users

    It may be unrelated to your experience but a fairly recent post described a Thudbuster that snapped off at the bike's seat tube. Thread is: Thudbuster Failure Ouch!
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    Metallic Vibration

    This may or may not be related to your vibration. My 2015 Pedego Interceptor III battery provides longer ride time if I start from dead stops by pedaling with the throttle assist on. I do that and have not experienced the vibration you describe.
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    NYC Electric Bike Law

    Even if industry reps "win" 28 mph approval in California, other states may continue to outlaw over 20-mph-electric bikes on paved trails. Trails require mutual respect among diamond frame riders, recumbent riders, skaters and walkers, everyone.
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    Universal water bottle holder

    Neat, cheap, looks like it'll fit oversize Pedego tubing. Thanks.
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    Suspension seat post vs suspension fork

    I happily replaced my Pedego Interceptor III spring seatpost and fat seat with a comfortable Thudbuster and pre-aged Brooks.