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    Cannondale ebike

    Need help Court ,does anyone know anything about the Mavaro Neo 5+ .I have seen this bike on a Cannondale web site but when you go to a dealer it is not in there books or web site same thing when you contact Cannondale USA they no nothing about it.Would like to purchase one but where are they.Thanks
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    Haibike Sduro Trekking 9.0 alternatives

    Just bought that Bike and love it.also but the second battery hook up on it and ends up to be same as R&M but thousands less.Both are German Design i believe.
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    brose new 630 watt battery

    does anyone know if this new battery will fit in a 2017 raleigh redux IE, which i believe is a 500 watt battery,looks like same size. If it does were can i buy one? thanks