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  • Hi George , i wanted to know why we generally use three phase BLDC motor and what are advantages of three phase BLDC motor over single phase BLDC motor ??
    Hi George it's Carl here could you please help regarding life span on battery ,I have a 2013 Easymotion Neo Exstrem done 6061km/3766 miles I have total shut down remove battery or display and it comes back to life and I'm on my way again I was told by Bh the battrey is on the way out but I still have 3bars left on display also when it shuts down I have no fault code I'm confused.
    Hi George S , I also would like your email address to discuss a build of an ebike for my wife. Thank you. Marcel T
    I have something I would like to discuss privately with you. Could you please send me an email address where I can communicate with you ?
    Thank you.
    Tom Connell
    I sold my Prodeco X3 after 18 months. The hybrid I built with a Mac front hub is a solid ebike. I'll never chase the tech.
    Hello George. I am in the process of purchasing an Electric folding Bike. Do you have recommendations? advice? I like the x350 EZ Pedler.
    Best, Jackie
    George S.
    George S.
    I read Court's review and looked at their site. It's a nice package with the internal gearing. I hope you can find a dealer to take a test drive. So often what matters is after the sale, so it help to know what that service might be. Good luck. Ebikes are something people generally like a lot.
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