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    Trek's Racktime LightIt Cargo Rack

    I used this and like it as a flexible option. You can use any bag or cargo container you want. Here's an example that I came up with:
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    Do I need a PHD to change a tire, or just a little advice?

    Sorry to respond to this older thread, but I finally had to fix my first flat with the Allant+ 7s and ran into this same problem. I've fixed hundreds of flats in my life and never had so much trouble with getting a tire off the rim as I did with this one. Once I figured out that the source of...
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    Mercedes ebike

    I agree (and I realize this happens a lot in the ebike industry). This new $3,200 n+ Mercedes Benz ebike ($4,500 with upgraded spec) looks surprisingly similar to the Luna Stealth Fixed that has been available for the past 1.5 years (since May 2019) for $1,750 (or $2,000 w/6mo warranty or $2250...
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    Part for Allant 8s

    I would definitely recommend that you not ride it in that state until you get the nut replaced. If the thru-axle pops out, it could end badly.
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    Hello all that own a Trek!

    +1 I posted a photo of this cover on an Allant on following thread:
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    Fun with Racktime Rack

    Well done. Really nice bag and clean execution!
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    Any Allant+ owners had a system update?

    I updated from to in September. I cannot comment on how differs from I do like the update though.
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    An Ebike that is as easy to pedal (when power is off) as a regular bike

    Yes, I definitely see some folks going full moped style without pedaling.
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    An Ebike that is as easy to pedal (when power is off) as a regular bike

    Are you referring to throttles on many ebikes? Many ebikes (including mine) do not have throttles and therefore still require pedaling to move.
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    An Ebike that is as easy to pedal (when power is off) as a regular bike

    LOL! I was riding with my son who was on an analog bike and I didn't want to "cheat." I sold my road bike to help offset cost of my ebike. If it weren't for that I would have definitely cranked it into turbo for those hills!
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    An Ebike that is as easy to pedal (when power is off) as a regular bike

    I rode 52 miles (83 km) yesterday entirely unpowered on my Trek Allant+ 7 with Gen 4 Bosch mid-drive motor. I was also carrying panniers with extra gear for two people and too much extra water (96 fl oz or 3/4 gallon!). The bike felt like a normal bike and I easily cruised on flat land at a...
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    Need advice for Ebike order

    Agreed, they definitely have different builds for different global regions. But I was referring to different regions within USA since @rdowns and I are both in the US, but have different stems offered stock on the same bike.
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    Need advice for Ebike order

    Interesting. My Allant+7s came with the fixed stem that is shown on the US Allant website: I also saw about 15 other Allants...
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    Need advice for Ebike order would be nice if they offered options a la carte.
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    Need advice for Ebike order

    Just a point of clarification: This is true for the US market that the Allant+ 7 ( as well as all other Allant+ models) does not come with an adjustable stem. I do note, however, that in the UK market the Allant+7 comes stock with an adjustable stem...